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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Longview, Washington on 2017-07-13 21:45:00 - Amber light, reverse course twice, hover, blue light, descent, hover, amber light, descent, disappear

Between 21:45 and 22:00 on the evening of thursday, july 13th 2017, i looked out my bedroom window before intending to close my curtains. the view is almost due east from my apartment in west longview, washington. i saw an amber light that i assumed was a single-engine private aircraft traveling northwards and traversing my line of sight horizontally from right to left. i estimate that it was approximately 3-4 miles away, moving slowly at about 2500 ft., and roughly the size of a small automobile. we see a lot of small planes flying around here like that, so it was certainly not unusual except that this aircraft didn’t have the typical blinking red anti-collision beacon on. just when i motioned to close the drapes, the object suddenly moved in the opposite direction. that caught my attention because aircraft don’t reverse course so abruptly. it continued southwards, left to right from my perspective, only for 4-5 seconds or so and then reversed course again in the same manner. i kept watching. about 10 seconds after the object had resumed its northerly course, it completely stopped moving and turned into a brilliant blue light. it hung there in the sky motionless for several seconds (i’m not sure exactly how long) and then dropped straight down vertically at a much greater speed, perhaps four times its previous horizontal speed. i was startled. quickly, when the object was only a few hundred feet above the hilly forested terrain, it stopped once more and turned back into an amber light. then, it moved vertically downwards again very, very slowly for only a few seconds and disappeared. i assumed the amber light had turned off. i waited for a couple of minutes, but couldn’t see it again. i went into my bathroom for 6-7 minutes. afterwards, i returned to my bedroom window intending to close the curtains; and, to my astonishment, witnessed the exact same sighting for a second time! whether it was the same object or a different one, i do not know. as of this date, july 18th 2017, i haven’t been able to find any other corroborating account of my sighting. the following are illustrations of what i saw overlaid upon one of three photos i took during the second sighting (contrast, saturation, and brightness enhanced for clarity). none of the pictures showed the object at all. the last two were ruined when my camera flash reflected off the window screen and overexposed the photos.

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Credit: MUFON

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