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Monday, July 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 1993-06-09 21:10:00 - I was out on my sisters. back pourch i saw two round clouds moving one was heading south towards niagra. falls and a second one caught up to the first. and went information towards the states.

I was at my sisters visiting. abought 8.Pm on june the 9th1993. abought 10. or 10.45. pm . i went out back ouf the house to have a cigarette.So i did i was out side smokeing and looking up at the stars. i notice there was a round cloud that was comming towards where i was it was in the sky. but it was a perfect circle but had a white light but looked like a cloud . moving there was no clouds out that.Night.So i was watching it and then i notice another circle cloud moving fast to catch up to the first one. they still werent that close to me yet so i could see there flight path. once the other circle of misty cloud caught up to the other one. they changed directions and started to go from north east to south west towards going to niagra falls direction. i finished my smoke and went back in to my sisters house and told her i just saw two dome shape clouds moving passing over her house going towards the states. we started talking abought getting me a telescope that can see far into the sky. she knew i was right into believing in ufos. so that was that night, but there was four other times in june and the begging of july that me and my nephew saw a star sitting way up in the sky near the three stars that are the egyptian. stars but there was a fourth one there three time. in three different days. but it was siting there acting like a star untill a jumbo jet started to go towards it the first nigt it started to flicker as the plane was moving closer. as it did the star started moving the first one the first night. it started to move and it went fast as the plane got close it went north east the plan was coming east south. the first night that was june the 3rd, at 11.Pm or 11.30. i was out side watching the star twinkling then took off. the second was june the 6. same place same time and another plane was coming the same way but this time it went south west over toronto,s lake. the next one was on june the 11th. 11.Pm i was out side having a smoke on my back stairs of my small building the fourth star was there again but this time im knot the only one that saw it my nephew was three blocks away . and he saw the same thing i did cause he came to my place and we both started to tell each other abought the star that started to move fast and fly off. we both where freaking out that we both saw it and we where far apart from each other , the only thing is i wished i had a cell phone with me when the two dome clouds flew up to each other and flew in cinqe with each other. i also saw a lightning flashes in july . but it dident look like lightning . it look like lazers lights. i looked out my living room window around 10.30. that night but there was no clouds in the sky. but i saw a lot of lightning . but the sky was clear. ive been into ufo.S cince i was young. wishing i could atleast see one. some day. and i did 5, times. i know theres things flying in the sky and i know theres other things visiting our planet i knew from a long time. ago. im knot fully indulge in looking but when im out at night i keep looking up to the sky to see if i can see anything . im going to buy one of those telescopes that can see saturn from here it cost 600.00 bucks but im getting it. i know we are knot alone. in the universe. i just wish they come down and show them selfs. then there wouldent be so much fighting around the world cause they would see theres something way bigger than us and more advanced , so the wars would stop. and it make people understand to get along with each other. cause theres a bigger power than whats here. so ive been holding this in for yrs . and i still watch the mufon ufo shows. and i just herd abought the alien that met president eisenhower. and nixon met a alien called commander valiant thor. way back . and i want to get that book. i read so many ufo, books . but they say this one tells you the truth. so im going to check it out and see if i can find it. so im finaly glad to get this off my chest and write you guys. i know what i saw. and i know thereas things up there. and i know that the last late presidents met with theses things. so i believe i just wish i could see there ships. and maybe them . before i get to old and parish. ive been waiting this long for them to let the world know that we have visitors. so thank you for listning to my story. wich is true. i even wrote the times it happend and the dates . i have it. just to remember my sightings. so thank you. i love your show. and i watch it when its on. every time. i love to go to area 51. just to see for myself. but i cant. but this is ok for me. i still wish i could see them domes . without the cloud coverage. that be so cool. but thank you im done. you guys should send me a mug with mufon on it. that be realy cool , but thanks . i hope maybe you can find out what i saw. somehow. but if knot thats ok to, cause im realy going to start watching the skys. at night. thanks and good bye.

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Credit: MUFON

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