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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cumming, Georgia on 2017-07-11 00:00:00 - 10 or so blinking lights in patterns

Since i was real young i experienced ufos. they usually are in almost a circle, blinking 1 at a time. when i was around 3, i had an encounter. a blue-grey humanoid like being appeared in my room one night and told me that they were from another galaxy and that they were there to observe me and they bring no harm. up until 2nd grade i had been watched by the blue grey humanoid who i had dubbed my 'imaginary friend' in fear of being rejected. i remember the last night i saw them, they put their cold spindly fingers on my forehead as i had laid in bed, pretending to sleep, and they said something in their language, which they had tried to teach me a few times, but i never really understood. ever since that night i've had a fascination with space, physics, and cosmology. i was extremely advanced in those subjects, especially for a third grader. i was dubbed 'einstein' by my school. it seemed like since that day i became tremendously smarter than i was before. i had continued seeing the circle of blinking lights throughout my life, and the closer the lights got, the more knowledge i had about the universe the next day. it stopped in about 6th grade, when i attempted suicide, it seemed like the entities gave me a break for a few months, but showed up again the next year, in the form of repeated blinking lights. i have made a bunch of accomplishments and done many things 'reserved for geniuses' since 2nd grade, including a model of the 4th dimension, a string theory project, and an explanation of dark matter, in only 7th grade. recently though, on july 11, i saw what i call 'the mothership' of the blinking lights. it was a massive circle that looked about 30-40ft long and was white in color. it was positioned in the middle of the circle of blinking lights.

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Credit: MUFON

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