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Sunday, July 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort Rucker, Alabama on 2017-06-15 06:45:00 - Oddly shaped circular object observed hovering over fort rucker army base.

I am a soldier and pilot currently stationed at fort rucker army base. i had just finished morning pt (physical training) and was standing around talking to two other friends of mine before heading home. it was a warm morning with partly cloudy skies. the sun was just starting to peak over the buildings around us and was quickly starting to warm the day. at approximately 0645 am, i observed a uh-60 (blackhawk) helicopter flying above the tree line approximately a mile from my current location. this is a pretty typical sight as fort rucker is home to initial army flight training. as i looked up to watch the blackhawk helicopter, i noticed another object hovering approximately a thousand feet or so above the tree line. from my line of sight, the blackhawk was passing under the object but was much closer to me then the object appeared to be. from where i was standing the object was rather small, but taking into consideration the altitude and distance from my location, it had to have been no smaller than the size of an average car. the object omitted a light similar to a star but was not as bright. you could also tell that the objects color was most likely white or a dull like color. we knew this was no star because it was below the clouds and appeared to be much closer. the longer we watched it, the less it seemed to have a definitive shape. it appeared to be shifting shapes kind of like a ball of liquid would behave. almost like a pulsating type behavior. all three of us have quite a lot of experience with aviation and different things associated with weather/sky activity. none of us could positively identify this object. it hovered in one place in the air as i watched it for approximately 10 minutes. after about 10 minutes had lapsed i looked away to step toward my car. when i looked back less than a minute later, the object was nowhere to be seen. unfortunately, i am not the only one to witness objects or have experiences on base. another friend of mine had experienced what he describes as a close encounter in the air, but refuses to talk about it. i, like him, feel it could be quite repercussive to specify any other information.

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Credit: MUFON

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