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Monday, July 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Englewood, Colorado on 2017-07-16 14:30:00 - I first thought it was a bird but birds can't stop mid air and move sideways. nor can they can they move that fast

Ok, i was staining a deck yesterday,decided to take five. it was clear blue sky full on sun nearly directly over head.I was laying on my back in such away that the roof of the house just barely blocked the sun. that's when i saw it. at first glance i thought it was a sea gull, we do have them here. it only took me 5 or ten seconds to realise it was much too high to be a bird. seconds later a commercial plane passed underneath and i was able to get some perspective distancewise. it was pure white non metallic, stopped on a dime went left, then right i would guess hundreds of feet in but a moment. it also moved in a clockwise circle then counter clockwise. that's when i definitely realised i needed to get up. i did actually think i should take a photo or video, but in the back of my mind i knew that my phone wouldn't catch it with its proximity to the sun. i watched it for another 30 seconds as it rapidly move southish. then it finally vanished from sight, it didn't disappear, just got further and further till my eyes couldn't pick it out of the sky. as far as how i felt about it, still kinda processing but i guess the thing that surprised me is the lack of any feeling really. no fear,no excitement, no self doubt,maybe a sense of calm if anything.I guess i feel a responsibility to say something and would be curious if anyone else saw it. feel free to call or email me i'm not afraid of anyone calling me nuts. i know what i saw. best regards, hunter t

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Credit: MUFON

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