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Sunday, July 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 2017-05-14 00:00:00 - Started as a brilliant ball of light i mistook as the setting sun then turned into a much larger object that was a glittering opalescent color almost.

may 14th 2017 the sun is setting its a partly cloudy day and i step outside. my daughter is on the couch watching t.V less than 3 ft away from me and i look over across the tree tops i'd say about 3 miles away lower lat. (as it was almost level with the 9pm sunset) that's what i thought i was seeing at first was the sun setting. till i realized it was in the wrong spot. not only that but the sunset was particularly orange/pink that evening and the hue of the sun was really orange. the object i was seeing was brilliantly white. so i watched it for a min and kinda rubbed my eyes then leaned against the doorway to observe as it started shifting into another shape that looked almost diamond like then it got larger. the clouds passed by it and didn't affect it's visibility if that makes sense i was really dumb struck and actually walked back inside looking for my phone to take a picture then remembered every time i try to take pictures of these things i see i can't focus the camera on them so i gave up quick and went back to my post.(when i say "these things" i mean the lights i'v seen i have never seen this particular object before). maybe 4 min has gone by and my daughter notices me acting strange and she asks me what is going on. i say nothing and keep watching... she is watching me at this point. at that moment this thing has shifted to a huge shape i can't tell you what it is exactlly... it looked like a big bug at one point i thought it had wings or looked like a scarab beetle or an "angel" with weird legs. but it was still that brilliant white with an opalescent sheen to it. like a glittering sheen that flowed across it. this next part was particularly strange... it felt like it saw me and acknowledged that i saw it. like it was there for me to see specifically. i know that sounds bat shit crazy but that is exactly what i felt. this thing was huge... tall it was as if you stacked 3 boeing 757's wing to wing on top of each other and at least 2 wide. i then turned to my daughter and husband and told them everything that had just happened and looked back about the door to a clouded sky where the object had previously been. it was gone! my daughter was crushed i didn't say something to her while it was there but i told her i was almost frozen speechless at first and couldn't comprehend what i was seeing and when i did get my wits back my mind was racing and i kept thinking i must just be crazy.

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Credit: MUFON

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