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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 2017-07-22 21:25:00 - 2 stationary star-like lights appeared & disappeared three times

Sitting on my apartment balcony facing pikes peak after sunset at 9:25 pm mountain time, from a distance of approximately 2 miles on a clear night, i observed with my naked eye a star-like stationary light appear at approximately 10,000 ft in the mountain range just north of pikes peak. i estimate this height knowing that pikes peak is slightly over 14,000 ft high. the light lasted approximately 5 seconds and simply disappeared. as i kept watching it appeared again in the exact same spot about 1 minute later for the same duration. i grabbed my binoculars and fixed on that spot. about 30 seconds later it appeared again in my binocular view in the same spot but was followed about 2 seconds later by a dimmer star-like light appearing at it's 8 o'clock position (from my line of sight) and i estimate the distance between the 2 lights to be approximately 100 yards. this dimmer light disappeared after two seconds and the first light disappeared after 3 more seconds. the lights did not reappear. being a member of comufon, i checked comufon active flight tracker and saw no air traffic in the area. i know first hand from living here there are no roads in the mountains in that area at that height so i can confidently state it was not vehicle traffic, also it wouldn't have been that bright from that distance, nor was it moving. it also was at least thousands of feet above any houses below on the mountain hillside. the 1st light was bigger and brighter than the planet venus at it's best brightness. i am reporting this because living here and being familiar with the air traffic around the mountain day & night, what i saw did not make sense. i took an existing daytime picture of pikes peak and marked it with the location of the lights. it is attached to this report.

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Credit: MUFON

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