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Monday, July 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Curitiba , ParanĂ¡ on 1984-07-10 00:00:00 - Sighting of haxagonal shaped ufo in 1984

I decided to submit my ufo sighting because i've been looking for years for any account of some similar sighting. and it appears to be somewhat rare. for years after this sighting i was terrified. had terrible nightmares. so it was something i didn't talk about. in the past five years or so it became somehow easier to face this subject. it happened around july 1984. i was in the playground with my sister and another friend. i was 10 years old, my sister was 7. there were no other kids there, only the 3 of us. we saw a hexagon shaped flying object. it was a dull light copper color. it was big. it had a light underneath, in the middle. i can't remember exactly the color... today i would say it was red. but i'm not that sure as i'm of the other details. i'm not also sure if there were other light, only this bigger one in the middle. it was flying low. really near. maybe around 80 ft. the craft stayed in this very slow hovering for some minutes... then went into a straight ascendent path. and simply disappeared over a building a block from there. it hasn't made no distinct sounds. and i haven't seen windows or anything inside. it appeared to be solid. thinking back from this happening i would say it changed me a lot. i wasn't a very bright student. and i became really quick to learn everything... in school, languages... sense things.Predict some other things. sense energy all around me. i was terribly shy. i became much more extroverted. i don't know if it is related... but i was thinking back these days... and it felt weird the changes that i went through after that. even though i'm not used to talk about it. in two occasions if asked my sister if she remembered something about that day. in both occasions she said she remembered. she also doesn't seem to like the subject. this weekend was one of this two occasions. and maybe this is one of the reasons i'm submitting my sighting. because maybe it's important to spread the knowledge and help with the understanding of the subject

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Credit: MUFON

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