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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hillsboro Beach, Florida on 2017-06-19 22:30:00 - I live on ocean, there was a possible ship cloaked in clouds, things came out of clouds and were on ocean with drones flying around for protection as a guess

I live on the ocean, at about 10:30pm on till about 1pm. i observe usually on a nightly basis a large amount of ufo activity. i noticed none looking boats in the ocean and have a nikon p900 and focused in on strange shaped ships. around the ships where 3-4 drones flying around the crafts. also, i had the feeling there was something in the clouds as i had a feeling there was something in them. all of a sudden out of the clouds came two huge orbs. i videotaped a good portion of the night including this which resembled archon type vessels. everything seemed to be around the cloud so i assumed they were out in the ocean at night. i had the feeling they where researching or monitoring something. the ocean looks a different color these days. i think it is dying. i had two interactions with two type orbs and a metallic type ship or drones with an aqua green light that came across my balcony and sat there and watched me... i put out love and hoped for the best and hoped they could show me how to repair our planet. i have all of this on video. the drones looked like helicopters but they made no noise.. at times i saw a jet, but it would fly out and then float and fly around the area... i just could not video all of what was going on.. to much. it seems lately to be going on for the last few evenings. i got a photo yesterday of a huge square in the clouds. so my guess it was them. i can verify all of this and have the photo of a cloaked something in the sky in the shape of a huge rectangle.. not many of those in the sky. after 2 hours or so.. i went in and they all seem to leave.. when i went out...The place seemed to come alive...When i would go in.. it would go dim....Weird?

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Credit: MUFON

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