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Thursday, July 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-07-05 22:32:00 - 4th time seeing exact same object, flying the exact same compass heading, in the exact same hour of the night, while in my front yard.

Stepped outside my west facing house, on a cloudless night at 10:32pm on 07/05/17 to let my dogs out to fertilize the front yard and i immediately look up to the southwest and see the exact same object i've seen 3 prior times in the exact same location of the sky, same altitude, flying the exact same compass heading (sw to ne), flying at the exact same slow speed (150 to 300mph)in the same hour of 10pm - 11pm and then just slowly disappear without a trace, in the exact same part of the sky after coming to a slow hover for a few seconds. each time the object appears to blindingly accelerate in dead silence at a 90 degree angle straight up until its no longer visible. the last time i saw the object was 07-04-17(last night around 10:10). i would guess each time that the object is roughly one mile from me at its closest approach as it slowly flies by on the exact same compass heading each time. object is bathed in a constant thick red glowing plasma that changes shape while the object is in motion. at one point i saw the plasma blow straight up around the edges of the object to reveal its shape and length which was flat or nearly flat on its bottom and maybe 100 feet from edge to edge. the plasma was too thick to see threw it though. object does not fly a laser straight path but instead slowly meanders in a somewhat straight line at changing slow speeds to its same predetermined hover spot before blindingly accelerating at 90 degrees. winds are always calm and visibility is nearly unlimited on 3 out of 4 sightings of this object. i knew i had time to run inside my house, based on where the object was in the sky at the time i saw it, and get my girlfriend out of the house for the last two sightings, so i did. that's all i know. lol

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Credit: MUFON

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