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Thursday, July 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in DOIS VIZINHOS, Paraná on 2017-07-27 07:05:00 - Bright shape stopped in sky then start to moving until fade out

During this day (july 27th, 2017) around 7:00am i was driving my car taking my wife to her work place when we saw in the sky towards east (sunrise) a massive object shining. we stopped at the coordinates 25º44'54"s 53º03'15"w and looked to east where the object was. we observed it for at least 5 minutes and it was stationary/stopped. its shape was kind of a big cigar, like a missile floating in the sky. apparently it was reflecting the sun's light. it was shining a powerful white bright light and when it started to move towards sunrise lefting a trail 2 times its own size. the trail had the same white bright light as the original stationary object. after more 10 or 15 minutes it faded away behind some sparse clouds and disappeared completely. this region is route for many airplanes. i observe planes a lot, specially with flightradar24 app on my iphone. at that moment, flightradar24 shows no airplane around. believe me, i saw a lot of airplanes and at the altitude they fly they always left behind a smoke trail. the planes have a constant speed too. this object was stopped, then started to move so slowly and left no smoke trail behind but a light trail the same size of the object. my wife captured a glimpse of the light in a video on iphone 6s of hers, but the quality is very low at maximum zoom. still, it is possible to see the faded white point in the sky at the moment it was stationary.

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Credit: MUFON

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