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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in New Brunswick, New Jersey on 2017-07-04 21:40:00 - 7 moving lights (1 group of 3, 2 groups of 2)

Location: new brunswick, nj approx time : july 4, 2017 9:30-9:45pm sighting; 7 "lights" total. first group of 3, then a group of 2 followed by another group of 2. all lights were moving in a south to north direction. description of "light" : white-ish, constant luminosity with very minimal "flickering" weather conditions: mostly clear with partial clouds. according to recorded weather: wind speed: 1 mph (nne) max wind speed: 8 mph visibility: 10 miles while standing outside on corner of morell & wycoff streets in new brunswick, a car coming down the street, pulled over & 2 young men jumped out, looking at the sky, saying, "are you seeing that?" to one another. there were fireworks going off (being the 4th) and i thought that was what they were seeing/talking about. then 1 young men pulled out his phone/camera & started recording. this made me curious, so i looked up and saw 3 "lights" in a triangle formation (but they did not appear to be 3 lights fixed to 1 object, you could tell they were separate objects flying thru the air.) they were moving from south to north, (traveling in a direction opposite of the nne wind conditions that night) there was no sound coming from them. they were moving in a forward motion at a speed close to that of an aircraft. they eventually flew beyond our sight and/or behind the few clouds that were out that night. *one note- there was no wind that night. even the clouds above moved very slow, way slower than these objects were traveling. after those 3 disappeared from our sight, the young man recording noticed 2 more lights, traveling at the same speed, same direction (going south to north but not in "same" exact location). they originated in same spot in the sky as the first 3. and again, traveled at the same speed as first 3, traveled across the sky til out of sight and/or behind clouds. then almost at the same time those 2 disappeared, 2 more "lights" appeared in same spot in sky, traveled the same speed as the previous ones but these 2 "lights" did travel almost the same direction as the previous 2. again traveled across the sky in forward, "propelled" speed and disappeared out of sight and/or behind cloud cover. after they disappeared, i went inside bar and mentioned this to the few people in there. i was inside for about 2 mins. when i decided to go back out for a look. looking around i did not see any of those same lights but i did see a steady "red light" in the sout/west horizon. upon seeing this red light "staying in a fixed spot for about a min. i asked 1 of the people in the bar to come out and take a look. the red light stayed in exact same spot, pretty much "fixed" but the light changed from red to white back to red again. by the time this other person came out, i pointed to the light in the sky, it was now red, and again, not moving & very fixed in the sky. then the light moved forward at a slow rate, again changing from red to white, back to red. then stopped completely still in the sky. then it moved backward to the direction it came in, at the same rate of speed. then it moved behind a tree & house out of sight. this last "red/white" light i can almost pretty say may have just been a drone. but those first 7 "lights" i do not think so due to the speed, height and characteristic ways that the "flew".

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Credit: MUFON

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