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Sunday, July 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Colusa, California on 2014-01-31 22:19:00 - Black saucer with occupants lands at colusa river levee, photos of occupants

10:30 pm talking on phone with friend sitting at upstairs bedroom window. a 10 foot diameter black saucer with heat signature around it, flew over the house at about 20 feet above me and hovered across the street on the river levee. it hovered next to a large tree and then tipped up on its side moved parallel to the tree and then moved in front of the tree and a watery ball enveloped it and the black saucer separated into 3 parts, like 3 discs stacked up in the watery ball settled on the levee as it landed and disappeared. i was speaking to my freind on the phone and was describing what i was seeing the whole time. i told her i was going down stairs to look out the front door, and i saw a white suv across the street, so i went back upstairs to master bathroom, hung up the phone and brushed my teeth getting ready for bed and the sink vanity started moving up and down and side to side and i had to hold on to the vanity. i thought i was going to fall down or pass out. after that i went into the master bedroom and got my dog clara so we could go downstairs for her potty time and as i approached the top of the stairs, they started separating from the wall and a intense white light was seen coming up from under the stairs and coming through it as it unzipped about 6 feet down from the top of the stairs from the wall. the opening was about 18 to 24 inches wide and both me and clara went down the stairs anyway and the stair sealed back up. we came back upstairs and got in bed and fell asleep. at about 2:20am, heard a sound of a diesel truck air brakes release, looked at my video door bell monitor for the downstairs front door and saw bright white cloud, so i took several still photos of it. then 2 cats walked on the roof, they were domestic cats, one came up to the window and looked at me and then turned and faced away from me, the other cat sat at a distance in a straight line from the other cat a crouched down and starred at me...It was like they were there to protect me. in the morning i turned the brightness contrast down on the video door bell camera video phone, and then seen aliens, a panda bear, a insect, and other beings, one image lost was a cacassian long blond haired man that looked like fabian, in a spandex suit and cape and head band. he was behind the other creatures that came back later, 100's of them the came to visit me, and still to this day 2017, still are visiting me and following me, like gang stalking, targeting individuals encounter...They communicated to me...They want to take over the world and the universe... after

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Credit: MUFON

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