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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Vandalia, Ohio on 2017-07-06 21:49:00 - Vivid, glowing red/orange shape-altering, direction-changing ufo west to east at night, video/photos

This was on a sunday night. my father was sitting outside on our back patio and my mom and i were in the dining room attached to our kitchen. our dining room has a window which faces northward, with the dining room on one side (south) and the outdoor patio on the other (north). the window was open and at about 9:48 pm edt my father shouted something through that open window that i couldn't understand. my mom said, "he's demanding i come outside!" and he kept yelling at my mom to come outside "right now" to see something. i got up, completely expecting to go outside and have him tell me that one of the neighborhood skunks is in our yard (there is precedent for this). instead, my father told me where to look in the sky and, as i later found out in a photo i took, he also pointed to the sky to the northwest of our home. there, i saw a large, very vibrant bright object that appeared to me to be round in shape, so bright it seemed to glow, and it was quite large compared to the size of an airplane that might pass overhead to the north or northwest, even a plane in a fairly low flight pattern. it was moving quite rapidly eastward, and initially, its path was parallel to the earth (or so it seemed to me). for a moment it disappeared as it passed behind a tall maple tree that blocks a small portion of the view to the northwest of our home. when the object again became visible, it remained parallel to the earth/horizon for (i'm guessing) about ten seconds; then, it seemed either to get smaller or to increase its distance from my location; it absolutely seemed to gain altitude at this point, from about 35 degrees above the horizon to 45 degrees above the horizon. then, the object stopped moving, and after remaining in place for seconds, it totally ceased its prior, straight path and started to move in many different ways: up, down, sometimes going backward, at other times moving forward, accelerating, decelerating, hovering, and moving in quick, turning paths as it would move up or down. to my eyes, it remained a glowing, vivid reddish orange the entire time. the light varied in intensity with no seeming relation to its movements, except that it appeared brighter when it was lower to the horizon. at one point, the object, while stopped and seeming to hover at a total standstill, appeared to split into two of itself; it looked as if the original object either ejected another object identical to itself or simply went from being one object to being two objects. the second object appeared below the first/original object, meaning slightly closer to the horizon; when it appeared, it seemed to come out of a glowing, flame-like emission the same color as the original object itself. the second object was identical in appearance to the first, but was slightly smaller. it only remained visible for a small fraction of a second before vanishing without any hint of movement. the original object continued to be visible for a bit longer, continuing its quite varied path of movement and non-movement. shortly before it was no longer visible, the object was hovering, stationary, then suddenly seemed to grow a bit larger in appearance (perhaps it was closer, i do not know) and at incredible speed shot to the right (moving eastward) and then shot upward (seemingly in terms of altitude) in a steep diagonal path (east-to-west at a very steep angle, not moving in a perfectly straight line), before again shooting to the right (eastward). every movement was made in a beautiful, agile manner and even at the time the moves it was making reminded me of watching fighter jets and jet teams during air shows as their pilots push the boundaries of what their own crafts are capable of doing, moments that may sometimes be equally as thrilling for the pilots as they are for any observers. the object was stationary to the north when it became invisible to me. low clouds (which i only now realized were moving from the southeast toward the northwest) first intermittently obscured the object, then at last totally obscured it. it did not become visible again and shortly after (within two minutes), lighting was flashing heavily around us and we went indoors. the object was, to me, completely silent. what i felt initially, immediately after i first saw the object was a very calm, content, warm feeling of safety and security throughout my body and mind. this was briefly mixed with an unpleasant feeling that -- well, you know when two magnets repel each other -- that's the only way i can describe the prickly feeling that felt as if it physically needled at the side of me where my father stood or sat; his reaction was one of nervousness and fear. that negative feeling was brief, and as soon as i stepped a few feet further away from him it ceased, and with the calming effect of whatever was going on, i calmly called to my mom through the open window (not knowing she was already on her way outside) something to the effect of, "mom, it's a ufo thing! it's really neat!" my mom came outside and with her, in addition to the constant content, safe feeling, i also felt what was the complete opposite of the prior sensation of magnetic repulsion; i instead felt a sort of magnetic attraction toward her and a magnetic awareness of her location in the dark yard. she and i walked farther away from the house into our backyard where we stood side by side, both of us with our iphones held up to the sky at about a 45-degree angle to focus on this object, while my father remained behind on the patio. i could not visually see my mom in the yard -- i am nearly totally blind at night, with only minimal light-perception (this object was so bright that it obviously fell into the category of "light i can perceive") -- yet with this magnetic instinctive feeling i knew exactly where my mom was moving at every moment. she took photos, and while i took a few photos initially, i primarily i kept my phone focused on the object recording it on video. for me, i heard nothing from the object, nothing either physical nor internally, no buzzing, no engine noise, nothing at all. but even without hearing any sound, i "knew" it was moving under its own power and never doubted (and still don't) that someone (i felt that most likely there were actually 1, 2 or 3 "someones") was present inside of the object and in charge of the movements of the object. i felt an impression of relative inexperience yet full competence, youth in terms of mentality and not physicality, and also an impression of excitement entwined with wisdom, as if whoever was up there was both learning how to "pilot" the object and having a wonderful time while doing so. it felt as if whoever was there was aware of my presence, and whether it was for my/our benefit, the benefit of others, or for their own enjoyment, it felt to me as if they were showing off a little, and were rather pleased with and proud of themselves. the experience resulted in a fairly inexplicable feeling that is most similar to emotions i once experienced, but which have since been fairly rare since childhood. it is a feeling of how the simplest of things can make you smile or make you happy, of knowing that everything is right with the world and that you are safe. watching this object, i felt very content and, for lack of a better word, whole. the strongest of that feeling lasted about 24 hours. i had the distinct and certain "feeling" the next evening, monday evening, that someone who was somehow related to the object with which this report deals was going to be or was already present in the sky again that evening or night (if they'd ever actually "left"). i went outside to take photographs, hoping to perhaps capture something unusual and also wanting to get photos of the gorgeous cloud formations which accompanied some light rain and thunderstorms nearby around sunset. i took photos for i'd say around 30-45 minutes during which the clouds were moving quickly, the light and cloud-shapes doing amazing things (just clouds being clouds), but i knew that yet also felt that someone ("someones") related to that object was there and was watching and aware of my presence. that feeling, along with the persistent, almost overwhelming feeling of contentment and security lasted until about 8:55 p.M. as i was photographing clouds to the west, there was an abrupt obscuring of one cloud layer by another and at that instant, too, the feeling of contentment was greatly diminished and the feeling of someone else being "there" was gone entirely. i still did feel this on tuesday, but perhaps at 30% of the strength as i'd experienced the night i saw this object. there is still a lingering sense of it, as well, which seems to slightly blunt the depth of my negative emotions and reactions. it is, more than anything, an unexplainable feeling of security and peace.

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Credit: MUFON

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