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Monday, July 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Byron, Illinois on 1973-08-01 00:00:00 - It was aproxomtly 10 o'clock in the evening .I was a teenager at the time .I had not thrown my horse hay yet.So i hurryed out to feed him..When i arrived to the shed i saw a plane and another star like object about to colide! they didn't colide!

Ihave been privileged to have seen two ufo sightings near byron illinois.It was near the byron nuclear plant.The first was when i was about 16 years old.I had forgotten to feed my horse .So when i arrived at the shed i saw a small engine airplane that was about to collide with another object that was star like and bright .They didn't collide.The star lighted object zipped out of vision to ovoid contact!This got my attention and caused my heart to race! after the plane passed on out of site the ufo came back into view! thats when i for some reason decided to flash my flashlight on and off like an sos symbol.Thats when the ufo came closer and closer into view to check me out!I could see green and red lights rotating around the oval shaped vessel! there was no sounds.Before i knew it the vessel was treetop level hovering over our little house in the wooded clearing.I was shocked and exited and hollered for my father! he came outside looked up at the vessel in amazement and said what the heck is that?We could both see the extremely large vessel hovering over the clearing at treetop level with the under belly all lite up! it hummed as it slowed down.It had no wings or propellers like a helicopter! it was oval .It leaned to one side and changed direction and left the clearing! the object was not of this earth! it was several years later i was driving home about 2:00 am in the morning on german church road after a late night shift at my factory job.The road is very curvy.After an s curve not less than a mile from the nuclear plant i saw a ufo again like before at treetoplevel itstartled me.It looked as if it had been coming from off the ground.I flashed my car lights on and off to get its attention.I know; not smart! it abruptly turned and hovered over my car at tree top level.My heart was pounding! it was like the same object i had seen years before as a teenager! thankfully the object didn't do anything but leave.But; i could see it very quickly beyond explanation how fast around the nuclear plant up ahead.They ...Whatever, whoever seemed very interested in the area! thats my true story and i'd swear on a stack of bibles+

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Credit: MUFON

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