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Monday, July 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 2017-07-22 19:54:00 - I caught 4-5 in one day. they're messing with me! i'm scared! they did stuff to me

I had a sudden urge to take my phone outside, and start recording. like something was in my mind telling me to...A few nights before i had noticed weird markings on my arms, hands, back, and legs, not to mention the weird feelings, and dreams that i've been having. although, they don't seem to be dreams....Like if they happened in person. anyway i was in the backyard and i randomly started taking videos with my cellphone, i didn't notice anything until i played the videos back,(also it seemed to move into my cellphone camera like it wanted to be caught, or if they wanted to show me they were real and it wasn't just dreams)once i paused the video when the object was in mid flight, i noticed that it was a metal shaped disk, and it flew way more advanced than any plane, helicopter, or jet, that we have in todays society. my feelings before the incident was like someone was in the room with me, watching me, and that's when the thought came in my mind to get my cellphone and take the video. i'm only 18 years old, but i feel like my mentality in this world is more complex, and advanced than the others around me. (as i'm writing this, i have the same feeling going through my body, like they're a few inches behind me....

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Credit: MUFON

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