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Monday, July 17, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Woodbury, Minnesota on 2017-06-23 04:00:00 - Two alien abductions

On 6/23/17 i woke up and found that my underwear was on inside out and backward with mud on it. there was a needle mark in my right arm where one would get an iv. there was a somewhat circular mark on the wall that glows under black light. the glowing mark is approximately 2x3 inches. on 6/11/17 i woke up in the early morning and it was still dark outside. i felt a very strong beam of pressure holding me down on my bed. i was scared and started to struggle to get away from the pressure. i kept trying to stand up but was prevented from movement. a telepathic method entered my brain that said "the pressure is on your pelvic bone to hold you down so you don't fall out of bed". when i awoke in the morning there were black and blue marks on my abdomen. there was an 18 in black mark on the wall near my bed and the source was unknown. there was bruising on my left leg between my knee and ankle. i have a recent history of ongoing milab and alien abductions.

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Credit: MUFON

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