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Sunday, July 9, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Gananoque, Ontario on 1971-07-28 22:00:00 - Hald diamond shaped craft with grasshopper alien, accompanied by humanoid with diamond white skin

For starters, throughout my childhood, i remember my father standing outside at night for hours. i’d ask what he was doing. both mom and dad stated that he was just going out to watch the stars. i never really knew if he was watching for satellites, or what he was doing. then one night when i was about twelve, i joined my father. he pointed out the different constellations, and then i saw it. it was a craft, about thirty feet long. the basic shape of the top, resembled one half of an eight sided diamond that had been cut down its length from corner to corner. the bottom had beveled sides to a flat base. on the very top was a small three sided control space that resembled the pilot's cockpit of a fighter jet. the sides were covered with a seamless steel surface which seemed to change to an almost translucent material like thin glazed fine china. it slowly moved closer, almost completely silent, except for a very faint constant hum, almost like the lowest note on a piano. though the sound was faint, you could almost feel it in your gut. the craft settled within a foot and a half off the ground, just hovering. i found it strange that it didn’t disturb the hay beneath it and there was no wind like a hover craft might produce. i also found it disturbing that the whole situation seemed completely normal to my father. nothing about any of it was normal. i looked beside me, and found that my father had vanished. i remember being told that it was alright. i didn’t know what to think. my body started to feel like it was covered with ants and i was drawn into the craft. all i could move was my eyes as i floated inches off the ground. i entered the back of the vehicle. i looked down to see that my legs weren’t moving. i was being drawn inside this craft and i didn’t have any choice in the matter. i realized that i was unable to move anything but my eyes and started to panic. a voice told me that it was alright. i was taken half way down the length of the ship to an entrance at my left that lead into another section. the craft only looked about thirty feet long on the outside, but once inside it was much larger. i felt like i was inside dr. who’s tardis. this new area was almost like being inside a huge warehouse, the size of a football stadium. in later thought, i almost wondered if i’d been taken to a mother ship, but i couldn’t remember the vessel that i’d entered, ever moving or docking with another vessel. maybe they controlled matter and space. i had so many questions and no answers or understanding of the situation. there was a flash of light that seemed to jolt my entire body like a jolt of high voltage electricity. the next thing i knew, i was undressed, laying on a table or some sort of smooth surface. i noticed small rock-like objects placed on my body. they didn't weigh a lot but seemed to exert a force down on me. they didn’t hurt but they held me down against the table, unable to move. three creatures surrounded me. it’s funny how tv shows almost always talk about the grays or the praying mantis type of aliens that abduct people. the main creatures that i’d first encountered, had heads that resembled a grasshopper with elongated heads. they had four arms and two legs or four legs and two arms, depending on what they required. all six hands and feet resembled hands with four fingers or thumbs on each. while their hands had their fingers almost circling their palms, the back two feet seemed to have two fingers facing forward, and the other two facing back, almost like some bird's claws. i had one creature standing over me, with the others observing and assisting it. these things didn’t have scales, but their rough brown skin looked thick and tough. they appeared to have scales covering their bodies. once they got close enough, the scales became markings like tattoos that only appeared like they had scales. they also had a pair of clear wings like a grasshopper or a dragon fly. these creatures were much larger than humans, somewhere between eight and ten feet tall. there were different types of lights aimed at me from above. one seemed to scan me, where another aimed at me, seemed to allow them to look inside me. something was aimed at me, that gave off a faint high pitched sound like a dental drill. another light was aimed at me that seemed to pull at the areas of my body that they aimed it at, almost like a weak magnet. they stuck something inside my belly button that felt like a really long finger wiggling, as if it was searching for something. the creatures seemed to want samples from every part of my body. the lead creature took skin and hair samples. a large machine dropped from the ceiling. long tubular arms guided needles to many areas of my body, including my back, between my joints, and even into one of my testicles. when they took the sample from my lower region, i felt like i could almost throw up. a really long needle was stuck into my stomach. i also have memories of a needle puncturing one eye. though i it wasn’t painful and didn’t affect my sight, it scared the hell out of me. i also watched as this long object was stuck up my nose. i could hear it crunching as it seemed to keep going deeper. it didn’t sound like someone cracking their knuckles, but more like when you break through thick crusted snow. i remember smelling hot buttered toast and thought that was strange. i watched as a tiny object was injected into my arm, just below my elbow. there were other humanoid creatures present though they stayed back in the shadows. they were much smaller than my abductors. they had large heads that resembled an ant. their heads weren’t elongated, but the top of their heads seemed very wide compared to mine, sort of like they had water on the brain. they had something on their heads that almost resembled sparsely patched cornrows, but it wasn’t hair. these creatures had flat ears like a frog, and their antennas looked almost like a jack rabbit’s ears from a distance. their hands only had three digits. they only had two arms and two legs. there were times when their skin almost seemed to shimmer like it was made of white diamonds. they gave the impression that they were the students, staying back to only observe and learn from the masters. though its mouth didn’t move, one creature left the impression that it was curious about the human mind. they placed an object like a large nut shell, over my face and my head. i woke up completely dressed. the next thing i remembered, we’d been returned and i was standing outside the ship, beside my father again. the craft started to lift up from the field. there was a click sound like someone had flicked a light switch. the craft suddenly shot straight up and was gone. my dad put his hand on my shoulder and looked deadly serious when he spoke. my father ordered me to never speak a word of the incident to anyone, not even my mother. later, i realized that most people in my area that spoke out about aliens, were looked at like they were completely nuts. as time went on, i’d see my father go out to “look at the stars” even after his health started to fail him. i still don’t know if he was trying to see them privately, or if he was trying to keep them away from me by going out alone. my father died when i was eighteen. we never once spoke of that experience, or about later events. by that point, i had seen the aliens several times. during one event, the pilot flew the craft through a cement wall. i expected the craft or the wall to be damaged. it just flew through it, like it was going through a wall of water. on the return from another so called visitation, the craft left, leaving the hay below and around the landing site covered with a thick spider web like substance. i picked some up and rubbed it between my fingers. it was soft, light and fluffy, and resembled the old christmas angel hair. i studied it for a bit. the substance had a strange chemical smell that i didn't recognize. i wanted to keep some as proof of their visit, but my father said no with a stern look. i didn't dare argue with him. shortly after examining the material, it quickly seemed to evaporate. on one of the so called visits, i was taken to a different place like nothing i'd ever seen before. everything was so much more vivid than i'd ever experienced. it was like where we only have a few major colours and black and white that make up our spectrum, this place had dozens of major colours in comparison. it was like each colour expressed a different emotion and each combinations of colours expressed a combination of emotions. i experienced emotions that i'd never felt before, and probably never will again. i saw objects that i'll probably never see again. the entire experience was so vivid and breath taking, but virtually impossible to explain. it's like trying to show the different colours on a black and white tv. my father best explained it by saying it's like trying to explain the colour yellow to a blind man who has never seen it or knows nothing of it. then is it bright and shiny or flat and dark, sharp or maybe a pastel. does it have a tint of white, brown or maybe orange in it. there is no one yellow. during one “visit,” i was allowed to tour the vessel. one area was huge like a foot ball stadium. then entire area was filled with thousands, if not tens of thousands of creatures. there must have been at least thirty types of humanoids from this planet and their different stages of their evolution. close by, there was another large group of human like people from other planets. some were very tiny, only about thirty inches tall. others were huge, being somewhere between twenty and thirty feet tall. i felt like a hobbit walking past them as i could have easily walked between their legs. this was a time when i thought there were only a few different stages of man's evolution. i learned that we'd been evolved from the apes to what we are now. i didn't realize that there were so many different types of humans on this planet, and that many of them had been evolved to a certain stage of their evolution. all of these creatures seemed to be frozen in place. i asked if they were replicas, frozen, or possibly like stuffed trophies. the smaller creature didn't speak with it's mouth, but told me that they were all still alive. they'd been taken from a frozen moment of their lives. it explained that these creatures were in a suspended state, something like a form of hibernation, and could be reanimated at any time. there must have been tens of thousands of different creatures that i'd never seen or even imagined, stored inside that area. i thought of it almost like an arc, but my tour guide explained that this area was only filled with intelligent species, capable of higher learning. i asked about a few creatures being stored in different gasses or liquids. my so called tour guide explained that contrary to the beliefs of some human scientists, not all creatures needed air or water to survive. some could breath different gasses like hydrogen, where some swam in liquid metals. some ate the minerals in the rocks, where others used electricity and other energies as their food sources. some didn't even need to breath. some creature seemed to be made of materials that you wouldn't recognize as a living being, like a fog, liquids or solids. some looked like a rock. some could change form and some could even change the material that they were made of. my guide said that not all life is carbon based or requires water or air like many of our human experts believe. i was shown thousands of different creatures. some were huge and almost as tall as a house, where others were tiny, like large insects. some had one or two eyes facing ahead. i saw a group who had eyes that looked like they could be turned from straight ahead, around through slits to face to beside them. one short round dome shaped creature had three eyes that seemed to be on the ends of three fingers on the front of its head. i saw an australian picture that resembled it and gave me a chill. some creatures had four eyes, two facing ahead and two slightly to their sides. some had eyes like a spider with a globe of many eyes in one. a group had jet black eyes. i was warned to stay away from them. some had wide heads where others had elongated heads. some heads were round, where some were flat, and some creatures had heads that looked like extensions of their bodies, with little or no neck connecting them. i remember one small creature that almost looked like a fairy with wings and an almond shaped head and almond shaped eyes. it was tiny and looked so cute but when i got closer, it made me nervous to see its long claws and jagged teeth. these creatures were all shapes and sizes. some creatures had different body types from mythological creatures like dragons and fairies, to bodies of gas, liquids, forms of energy like light, electricity, and other types of energy. others were composed of what looked like solid materials that i'd never heard of and didn't recognize. some could vanish. some could change the material that they were made of, like going from flesh and blood to a metalic substance where others could change their shapes and sizes. i was told that many creatures had some form of psychic abilities. some had telekinetic abilities. some had no arms, legs or wings but most had at least one, two or more arms and legs with one to many digits on most hands and feet. some had tails. some tails even had usable digits on them. some creatures had ears where others didn't. some felt energy and the disturbance in the material that they'd lived in, to find prey. i was also told that some creatures with no eyes, used their minds to see their surroundings. some used tentacles to feel around them, capture their prey, and even protect them by forming a shield like protection, or an offrensive weapon. after a while, it became too much, like watching a two hundred car train passing at two hundred miles per hour, and trying to memorize messages posted on each car. after a while, i was overwhelmed and the tour became blurred and way too much for me. by the end of seeing all of these different creatures, i didn't think anything said by my so called tour guide could surprise me. then it said something that struck me as strange. i remember the white ant-like creature explaining that they were studying an energy that humans gave off, when their life cycle was finished. where most creature's energies drained back into their planet's surroundings or is absorbed by their planet's soil as they decayed. he said that our energy seemed to go somewhere else. it speculated that our energy may possibly travel to become a higher state of being. the creature stated that this was a rare occurrence among the different species of our galaxy. though i'm not very religious, i remember thinking to myself, who knows, maybe we do go to heaven. maybe that's why everyone's curious about the afterlife. during my visits, i saw different types of their technology. i learned that they could bend light, or stop light at any given distance, or become an almost solid substance. i've since learned that stopping light is described as being solid light, thought i'm not sure why as it only resembles a solid. these beings seemed to know how to form solid objects from forms of energy. they showed me how they could inflate the middle of a beam of light, like blowing up a long balloon and it inflates in the middle first. i also learned that a tiny object no larger than a double “a” battery, could convert and create power to run one of their huge crafts. they had many different ways of producing energy that are more effective than fission or fusion and couldn't understand why we've allowed our rulers to make us use fossil fuels when there was much cleaner forms of energy. i learned that their periodic table consisted of several hundreds of elements, compared to ours having only about a hundred and fifty. some of their elements were created where others were mined and natural. one creature held up what looked like a steel tube and shoved a blade like object through it. the blade went in one side and out the other, but never appeared inside the tube. i was also shown a different type of suit that covered my entire body like the surrounding air. it was clear and went on like a puff of air. whatever it was made of, allowed me to breath pure clean air while wearing it. i was told to concentrate on the controls on my left arm and they appeared along the inside of my left forearm. i was told to think about one symbol. then one alien shot a large object at me, like a spear. it flew right through my body, yet i didn't feel a thing and was unharmed. the alien explained that the suit followed the same scientific principal as the pipe with the sharp object sticking through it that i'd seen earlier. then a huge solid object fell on me. it smashed when hitting my suit, but i didn't feel it hit me and was unharmed. the alien explained without talking, that the suit automatically adapted to become solid and not allow the suit or me to be harmed. it had automatically become harder than high carbon steel, and was still virtually invisible. i saw so many different types of technology that i'd never even heard of, but it's like a picture painted on a huge display window but it's been shattered and i'm only allowed to remember little fragments at times. i remember one creature explaining that light wasn't the fastest object in our galaxy, like our race believed. it also explained that light could be controlled. it could be sped up, slowed down, bent, stopped, or even made to resemble a solid or a liquid. i also remember being shown different metals. some could be made to become lighter than air. i was also shown several metals that could change their atomic make up and become something else. one could be changed from silver to gold to whatever by sending energy through it. another could change from one material to another, depending on what they were in contact with, be it a fog, a solid, a gas, or other forms that i didn't recognize. i've since learned of plasma but i still don't recognize the other forms taken. i still don't know how that worked. looking back, i'd been shown many things, but it all seems like such a blur now. it's sort of like watching a long train pass by you carrying automobiles on every car. it's passing you at a hundred miles per hour. then you're being asked the colour and make of twenty cars, beginning with the third automobile on the second level of the twenty seventh car behind the engine. kind of like quickly being shown fifteen hundred numbers, ten digits long, and asked what number one hundred and thirty five was. though i'd tried to keep notes on some of my experiences, it was hard to remember everything then. even now, i'm trying to remember events that happened more than forty years ago. many of my notes have been lost in travel, or moving to different addresses. others notes vanished without explanation. they'd be there one day and gone the next. even when returning from the majority of my so called visits, it only seemed to last for half an hour. that having been said, there were times when it came to my attention that my watch had quit several hours before it read, and i'd lost several hours. there were a couple of times when my mother noticed that i’d been missing for as long as three and a half hours and wondered where i was. unsure how to respond to my missing time, i explained that i was out in the field behind the barn. i told her that i'd been watching the stars, and must have lost all track of time. i never really put it together at the time, but during my teen years, i went through regular wind up wrist watches like crazy. my friends said that i must have had too much electricity in my body. during one “visitation” in the later seventies, i asked one of the smaller creatures why they kept repeating their medical procedures on me. i explained that some parts were painful. the creature explained that doing those procedures, helped them to find ways of helping our frail race survive. it said that they needed to learn more about our species. it also explained that some of the samples that they'd collected, could later be used to replicate a stronger breed of humans. the creature looked upset as it explained that the human race was slowly destroying our home planet. our time may be running short if we do not change our ways. it explained that they'd seen it happen with many other species. i didn’t actually understand at the time. i was a teen, growing up on a farm. the air was clean, you could drink the water straight out of the rivers. we ate veggies from the garden and raised our own pork and bought beef, chickens and milk from my neighbors. we lived miles away from the nearest factory. the whole concept was hard for me to fathom. the little creature explained that there were thousands of intelligent species living in just our galaxy. there were millions of other creatures sharing their planets, moons, and planetesimals. there are millions of galaxies, all having as many different species of life in them. it explained that when a race hits a certain spot in its evolution, it often accidently destroys itself. the creature said it was doing what it could to help remedy many of these situations though in our case and many others, we'd been guided by a group of aliens that wanted our population hugely cut. i remember wondering how we were destroying our planet. now i can see the damages done, and wonder if we'll rectify the situation, or if we haven’t already gone past the tipping point already. i honestly can't tell if i've been taken away since i had my accident in 2004. if i was, i would have asked them to repair my neck. since my later visits, i've been left with this feeling like i'm waiting for something to happen. i don't know what i'm waiting for, or if it's good or bad. maybe the aliens will reveal themselves to the world. i just don't know. it's like a little kid that's waiting for christmas, and doesn't know how to read a calendar yet. during one visit, i learned that not all aliens were good, and some aliens had studied humans to find our weaknesses rather than how to make us better. that's kind of spooky when you think about it. i also fear the day when one of my sons tells me that they've started losing time, or that their watches constantly quit. if i'd known then what i know now, i don't think i would have volunteered or agreed to allowing them perform their medical procedures on me. the reason i say that isn't because some things that they'd done were uncomfortable, bordering on painful. the real reason is that i'd felt completely violated after. though i didn't feel like a rape victim, those creatures had taken something from me, without asking my permission. they took samples that could be used to make more of me. that's like a girl that gets pregnant and doesn't tell the father. even though i'd seen so many new things, i could never talk about my experiences with anyone, not even my best friend or my family. then again, it was explained that by volunteering, i was allowed to see many new things that wouldn't be possible with taken subjects. if i'd known then, i would have written everything down and recorded every event and every statement. sometimes i look back at time spent with an older neighbor, who had been raised by “an old indian.” he spoke of the star people coming down from above, and that they were our friends. god knows i wanted to tell him about my experiences. i had another neighbor that was deaf, but seemed to see and know about all of my experiences. then there was my grandfather. though he never actually came out and said it out loud, it was like he knew about the aliens too. he'd say things and drop subtle hints, like he wanted me to know, but wasn't sure how to start sharing his secret. even back then, i was worried about eventually having a family. i worried about having kids that experience lost time. i do have pet peves about aliens. the first being that they only live on planets and moons with water. another is that aliens are all humanoid. there was one alien that i saw pained on an australian wall, that resembled one that i saw that looked like half a beach ball with three extended eyes on finger like objects. then there's the story about dark energy being a substance. it was explained as many substances that we're unable to see in our limited sight, even when aided by machines. then again, everyone's gone along with albert e's statement that light is the fastest thing in the universe and goes on continuously. light can bend around corners or even stop on command. i also really hate it when idiots make statements that we're alone in the galaxy. all of the major governments know about aliens. they just haven't made their presents known. there are many statements that tick me off after meeting them. i live in a small town where anyone speaking openly about this topic, would become the subject of ridicule. my health has gone from bad to worse during the past two years. even the slightest amount of stress causes me great pain and am prone to blinding headaches and migraines. this makes it impossible to make plans to see anyone that hasn't called that day. i've tried to look for information about the creatures that i'd come in contact with. i haven't found anything about them, or the ships with the half diamond shape as described. can you help me? (1) have you had any other reports of ships like the one that i described? take an eight sided round diamond and cut it down its length to get its general shape. add a small pilot's encasement on top. the ship also had a slight bevel to a flat bottom. i never actually saw it land but hovered slightly off the ground. (2) have there been other reports of creatures resembling something like a grasshopper or humanoids with shiny diamond-like skin? (3) has anyone else reported entering a small ship, that seemed huge inside? on the farm, i went by the fence posts to get a rough idea of its length. the outside of the craft was only about thirty feet long, or twice the length of my car. the inside was massive. one section alone was the size of half a football field. has anyone reported experiencing anything like that? then again,in later thought, we may have connected with a mother craft and entered a section of it. it seemed like we entered another part of the same ship, but maybe not. (4) this craft was about thirty feet long. i don’t know how much an object that size would weigh, but basic physics states that the force holding it up should have flatten the hay below it. i’ve seen shows where landing legs left marks, but this thing hovered above the grass without disturbing it. the hay should have been pressed down and flattened. i’m not asking you to explain how it could happen. i'm asking if others have reported the same thing. (5) i've seen metals that were as light as air, could change from one metal to another, could allow something to pass through one wall and out the other without ever touching the inside of the metal tube and aslo metals that could be programmed to take any shape. i’d just like to know, have you had others report of any of these events happening? like i said, i’m not well. i can barely look after myself on good days. i don’t wish to visit with strangers. i guess i’m writing you as much for for information, as i am to tell you about my experiences. the only other person that experienced the same things as i did, passed away almost four decades ago. i’ve carried this secret around since i was young. i’d just like to know if anyone else has gone through similar experiences or witnessed the same things as i have. i'd also like my name left out of these documents, please. i don't wish to be looked upon as crazy by friends, neighbors and family. thank you.

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