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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Denton, England on 2017-07-09 16:30:00 - About 4.30 the same direction 3 bobbing in and out of clouds another occasion golfball type vertically rose into sky and out of sight into the blue. another occasion glowed a strange light

Something odd perhaps. at weekends my girlfriend stays at my house, returning home sunday evenings. about 4.30pm in manchester england on a sunday, we are sat in the garden enjoying the sun having a cup of tea. we sit on the bench at the back of the house looking up at the blue sky and white clouds floating by. at the far end of the garden is a wood panel fence and behind that is another house. so the roof of the house with its tv aerial mounted at the apex, is a large triangle shaped obstruction, that blocks out a fair portion of the sky. sunday 25th june 2017. denton, manchester england.Uk. about 4.30pm. this was our first observation. a golf ball looking object. rose perfectly vertically up into our view from behind the roof of the before mentioned, neighbouring house. cloudy skies of grey. with a bit of blue spotted about. it seemed to be a few hundred metres away beyond our neighbour. so it must have been closer to the ground for it to rise into our view. how close i cant say. the object(golf ball) rose slowly, vertically up into the sky and straight through the cloud above. my girlfriend and myself saw the same object at the same time. what was wierd, was the fact that the clouds were moving, in i think a southwesterly direction and the object was not affected by the air movement. to me that means it wasn't a balloon. it certainly didn't wobble like a freed balloon would. it was silent. it rose to the clouds and kept going til it disappeared through the cloud. i also considered a drone but, there was no drift at all and i don't think they can reach that altitude. (i don't know what heights drones can ascend.) sunday 2nd july 2017. denton manchester england uk about 4.30pm. golf ball just appeared out of nothing. about the same distance away but to the left of the neighbours roof. this was witnessed by girlfriend myself and my mother after we shouted for her to come take a look. it was rising diagonally upward slowly. towards the roof apex and emitted a bright light like an arc welder spark. (thats the nearest and best description i can give it.) the light came on, around the object for a few seconds and went out for a few seconds, repetitively as it rose. it got to about 100 metres away. the light had stopped. it rose up some more, looking like a golf ball again and just faded out into nothing. gone... but my girlfriend said "no it shot away quickly, into nothing". maybe from her perspective or position in the garden it did. i was messing about trying to get dead batteries out of my camera. " if it returns next sunday i will be ready. sunday 9th july 2017. denton manchester england uk about 4.30pm. this time i was ready with hd camera set on a tripod, with two sets of batteries. just in case. girlfriend had binoculars and was watching out for me. blue sky with white fluffy clouds. sunny again. this time we spotted two tiny star like objects skimming and bobbing out from behind the clouds. they flashed as they moved, in a strobe light fashion. left to right, back and fourth. they seemed to be playing chase and evade with each other. they moved mostly horizontally at great speed. appearing and vanishing. i tried to get some footage but it was difficult to guess where they were going to pop out from behind the clouds. the footage. as you will see i am no expert with a camera. it is only a £100 fuji film camera. i'm still learning how to use it. the footage is inconclusive to me but there are objects on it i'm not sure about. there are birds that are flying about. there are commercial aircraft circling manchester, in order to land at manchester airport about 5 miles or so away to the southeast.. there are some anomalous looking objects but i'm not sure. i must admit we were excited during the filming and where i say "got one"..Well that could have been a bird. ha ha!.. anyway i have uploaded my amateurish footage for you to scrutinise. i will keep looking on a sunday afternoon and try to capture these things.

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Credit: MUFON

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