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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on 2015-08-08 21:00:00 - Weird light in the sky. obviously weird enough that it caught my attention

Ok. ... i can't remember what brought me outside to see this precisely, but i do like to go outside and look up at the stars i noticed the light & @ 1st, i just thought was a distant neighbor, up on the hills, outdoor lighting of some sort but then it hit me! that it was to far to the left to be on the neighbors property & it was way up in the tree and looked like it moved from its original position. i was literally thinking,"who is way up in the tree! in the middle of the night,with the flashlight ?!"and then i'm thinking-"there's no way someone is up in the tree on those flimsy light limbs?" then! "who would hang a light way up there?" so i was looking at it for a while then the bright white light cleared the tree line and i started to get excited. two of my neighbors noticed me looking and came out to ask me what was going on- so i told them & they watched the rest of the show with me, because it was odd. the light was deafinatly moving around, like in loops or circles it wasn't staying in one place there was no blinking regular human running lights for an airplane/aircraft- just one bright white light changing into different hues of the rainbow spectrum, but always bright as hell & basically white. it kept doing circles around kinda like an insect trying to stay in one spot, but naturally flight plan flawed. i could tell this by proximity to the tree line. it was there for a long time. an hour or 2. i called my parents that live about 5 to 7 miles away to ask them if they would look up in the sky and if they could see it from where they live. they were quite bored because there had been a power outage over most of the town, but for some reason my little area had not had a power outage. i've heard of power outages coinciding with ufos before in the pas, & thist was making me more excited. they could see it! they are both pretty blind too. they said "no that's just the airplane " "". they didn't have time or patients & really couldn't even see it. my mother was more open, but had really bad eye site @ the time & it kind of made her upset she couldn't see her 1st ufo. it finally after an hour or 2 (that went by fast for me) shot off up & away @ about 90 degree angle, to the west/north west. wow! my 3rd or 4th siting!!!(1 time the news said it was an un announced rocket launch. that was crazy!) this time i had witnesses again! (1 other time i did not) this world is truelly a more magical place than i ever new or expected. in other news i think i have been abducted... not sure how many times. i would like to find some help, but don't know where to go. i would like to be analyzed, may be try & go under hypnosis & seen by true professionals. to see if i'm not just having bad dreams & sleep paralysis...

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Credit: MUFON

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