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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Goshen, Indiana on 2017-07-10 15:48:00 - Was visiting hometown, showing 6 year old son park i grew up going to. had incident in 1998, unreported at this park. took 4 pics, 2 of my son , 2 of my son and i. after 2nd group selfie i caught a black object speed across sky into clouds. saw pic, wow!

I was showing 6 year old son a park i grew up going to. did have 1998 incident there with friend seeing 2 silver metallic saucers that disappeared into clear blue sky, never reported that or the other 3 times i have witnessed ufo's (with another person). anyways: i took 2 pics of son, then 2 selfies with myself and son. as i stood up finishing last pic, i saw some black object very quickly go across sky and into cloud cover. i dismissed it immediately thinking that i imagined it and it must have been only in my head, maybe i was low on iron, or maybe cuz i took to many drugs in distant past, i didn't think any more than that. we went about our day. in the evening around 5pm i called my wife in ca. we were in in. away from wife, so i told her of the day and sent her pics. that is when i discovered in the last pic the very black thing that had moved across the sky. there also seems to be some sort of portal looking thing that is in the position to where i remembered seeing the 'thing' go into cloud cover. very very strange indeed. i also have other incidences i never reported.(4) and the craziest one had a big l shaped ship, soundless, 'floating' over a road while a friend and i pulled over in amazement to watch. it had 2 small white lights on underside and no light witnessed in fog under ship, 2 super bright white light circles on the ground. as we drove off, i looked back and it had sped quite a distance away already and i was amazed at how fast it had sped up and was now 1/4 mile or more away. that was in 1997, in indiana, elkhart county as well. i'm 100% positive they exist and i personally believe they live in our oceans. the photos i submitted below are of the selfie and close up, zoomed in images, of the ufo and the portal looking thing. thank you for listening. this pic was taken 7-10-17 at 2:48pm eastern time.

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Credit: MUFON

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