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Saturday, July 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Medford, Massachusetts on 2016-09-15 02:00:00 - Heard noise in house went to look and it was there in my kitchen doing something with a clock

I woke up to my dog crying/ hiding by my bed, when i heard a noise coming from down stairs. it was almost like i was in a trance but awake. i got out of bed to look but my dog stayed there and would not move for that spot which is not normal for him. i walked downstairs quietly and went to my kitchen. where i saw a little purple/grey being .. kind of human like but small maybe 3ft at most. he was standing on my counter top touching the clock on my wall . it looked to me that he was putting it back. i started to say ( i knew you were real ) and that's when he jumped off the counter as i was walking up to him. he did not say anything he just grabbed me by the hand and walked me to my cellar door and down the stairs... this is when all goes black and can't remember anything after .. i woke up the next morning very tired. i told this all to my family but everyone says i was dreaming.. but it was so vivid it was not like any dream i had before or since. ever since that day i've been getting deje vu many times a day almost everyday. i would not be the first in my family that this has happened. a different experience has happened to my aunt when she was a younger in the same house i am now. she told me she was taken right out of her room. also my mother and her friend said and are convinced they saw some kind of craft from the back yard when they were in there teens... but anyway this is what happened to me. thanks for listening

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Credit: MUFON

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