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Saturday, July 29, 2017

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UFO Landing in Sagle, Idaho on 1996-05-06 23:31:00 - Huge and quiet......No noise at all from animals or ufo. usually frogs croaking, etc. at night.

I first noticed the huge disc hovering when i turned off the news and looked out over the lake. i was in shock and it scared me to death...The technology was amazing to say the least! certainly not something from the world we know. it did not make a sound and everything on and around the lake also did not make a sound. it was as if the world had stopped in place. i called my daughters to come see it. one came and the other slept through it. i called the police immediately and reported it. then i tried to call fairchild afb and their phones were not working. i called nellis afb and demanded that i speak to the general and they actually woke him up. i formerly had a top secret clearance working in washington, d.C. he thought it might be a weather balloon and checked...No, he said, there were none in the area. he asked what i was seeing and i told him. he sent two men up from his base the following day. my daughter and i watched it hover for a long time and it then slowly moved across the lake ne and settled to the ground just beyond a rill in the hill. the police arrived and said they would go to a higher vantage point to see it. they called from mt. schweitzer which was too far away and could see nothing. i woke up my other daughter and we all sat together in my bed hoping to stay awake to see it take off. i fell asleep about 3:30 a.M. and when i awoke at 5:30 a.M. both of my daughters had fallen asleep, so we did not see it leave. that morning we drove to find where it had landed and we found their landing pods (2). the ground was burned where it looked like two pods had touched down as landing supports. weird small plants had began to grow about two inches high at the time. squares of about 20 ft. by 20 ft. each. as we were hiking up the hill to see if there was anything else, i got a weird feeling and ordered the girls to the truck urgently. just as we started the truck and pulled out onto the road, a chevy suburban grey with a small red stripe came by on the wrong side of the road. my daughter could see them better than i as all i could see was from their noses down and the passenger's hands on the dash. she screamed and said punch it, mom. they scared her to death. the thing that stood out most was the distance from their nose to their upper lip. much longer than humans. the hands had quite long fingers. the next day the two men from nellis showed up and i took them to the spot where the landing pods had been and they took soil samples, tested for radiation and it was positive, took the photo my daughter had drawn (excellent artist) of the men and thanked me and left. i never heard from them again. the one man told me the visitors could walk through walls, etc. i couldn't decide if he was trying to scare me or what his intentions were. other odd things happened the following week and i will never forget any of this as long as i live. i didn't mention it to anyone after that for fear they would think me crazy. months later we had our driveway snowplowed and i ask him "what's new?" he said "oh, my wife saw a flying saucer." so i know we weren't the only ones to see it in the area. i've searched the archives and there is absolutely no mention of this sighting in sagle or any others for that matter. the police should have a record and so should nellis afb for sure.

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Credit: MUFON

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