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Friday, July 7, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Huber Heights, Ohio on 2017-07-06 21:50:00 - Solid red light travels s/se, begins blinking, then strobes bright, then goes dark revealing triangle craft. second dark craft also seen.

Earlier this evening, i was sitting with my boyfriend in our new double lounger out on the back deck, facing south, taking some panorama photos of the sky above our house. about 9:50 pm, my boyfriend said, "look at that light over there." - or something like that, pointing towards the west. when i looked where he was pointing there was a solid red light moving right-to-left across the sky, north-to-south-like. it wasn't blinking like airplane lights do. we see solid lights cross the sky sometimes at night while we sit out here frequently, but this one was much closer and lower in the sky. the others are super high up, small like stars, and only go in a straight line and the light stays the same, on the whole time. those high up ones are also different from planes with blinking lights but kind of common too. this light however only started out like that (on, not blinking), but like i said, was much closer and thus the light seemed larger and brighter. but at first it just seemed like a bright solid red light moving. i tried to video it, but didn't realize i hadn't hit the button in the right way. so the whole time i thought i was videoing but wasn't. as we watched and discussed it, it started to blink. you know, at a pace like an airplane might, but it was odd to go from not blinking at all to suddenly blinking. so we were shouting about that and no sooner did we say that and the thing started blinking much brighter and faster! blink, blink, blink blink blink, blink blink, etc and we exclaimed "wow look at that!!! did you see that?!?" and then gone. just no light at all, it just blinked out. but instead of the light, we could now see a ship! i hadn't noticed that before. it was triangle-ish in shape, more obtuse point at the top and more acute at the two bottom corners, but none were pointy corners, kinda rounded. and it was flying right to left, but not flat, the point was up towards outer space and the two other corners were bottom left and bottom right, flying weird like that. and we also noticed a second ship that didn't show any lights at all but was identical in shape and direction of flight. it was lower in altitude and just came out from behind one tree only to soon go behind another. we just didn't have a good line of sight on that one. the first ship continued across the sky in the same general direction, without any lights the rest of the time, until it went out of view behind the roof of my house, towards the south east. maybe it lasted a minute? maybe less. my boyfriend said that before he told me to look at it, it had curved in it's direction, but i didn't see that. no idea what these were! and no sound at all, even though the wind typically comes from that direction towards my house. just nothing. the wind wasn't blowing though, and we had just been talking about how still the night was before all this happened. so crazy! we wonder if it was maybe secret military craft since we're so close to wpafb, but why would the one blink like that, risking attracting attention?

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Credit: MUFON

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