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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Sedona, Arizona on 2017-06-23 23:00:00 - A star appeared in cathedral rock, followed by 2 more closer to the ground, hovering in concert. the uppermost cast a spray of light downward.

My fiancee and i were staying at a house on a cliff on red rock loop road, with a beautiful view of cathedral rock from the bedroom. we had been eagerly awaiting the house's exterior footlights to turn off on their automated timer so we could more clearly view the stars at night. the exterior houselights automatically turned off at approximately 11 pm. i called my fiancee into the room to see the stars, when i peered carefully at cathedral rock's silhouette in the darkness. "come look at this. am i crazy, or is there a star in cathedral rock?!" i asked. the bright star-like light was definitely below the silhouette of the rock formation. he saw it too. we both strained our eyes to decipher it from this distance - possibly a mile away, possibly less. as i peered closer, i realized there were in fact three lights stacked vertically, and extremely close together. as my eyes adjusted to the dark, i took in the view of the land between us and cathedral rock. earlier in our stay, we had been informed that the land down below our guest property belonged to an eccentric organization of people who believe they can communicate with aliens. we laughed that off as just the type of quirky personalities who flock to sedona. because of this info, we did notice when a few white pick-up trucks were visible pulling through the property below during daylight hours. people appeared to be doing work on the property. we chuckled mockingly, "i guess the 'alien-cult' people are working on something down there." now, in the darkness, i could see that the areas of land where the trucks had been working by day, had a series of lights on the ground, evenly spaced throughout the property. from this distance it looked as though the "alien-cult" had created a system of beacons on the ground. from our angle, the star in cathedral rock appeared to be hovering, centered among their beacons. my fiancee pointed out that the lights now seemed to be two. distance was difficult to judge in the dark, but the uppermost light appeared to be hovering, wobbling back and forth high above the ground. it cast a soft bluish glow downward in a spray, toward the lower light. the lower light, which seemed much closer to the ground, matched its movement, shifting back and forth in concert with the upper. this went on for hours. we strained our eyes to decipher what we were observing. at times he thought the upper light seemed to be moving closer to us. i had difficulty perceiving that distance change. "it almost moves like a drone," we would say. "but no drone stays up for hours." anytime the spray or glow would shift up or down, i questioned my eyes, and asked if we were looking at the glow of headlights. at one point, an actual set of white headlights and red taillights moved across the grounds of the property, toward the lower bluish star. we thought for sure a white pick up truck was approaching the light to interact with it. the star did appear to move in response to the approaching vehicle, but then we saw the truck speed away. this interaction made it more clear by comparison that the bluish light was not headlights. as the hours passed, we wondered if the two hovering lights were a probe, and if the emitted glow was scanning the ground. we sat in bed watching the strange lights until sleep overcame us. we awoke in the morning to no sign of what we had seen the night before.

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Credit: MUFON

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