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Monday, July 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Shreveport, Louisiana on 2017-07-24 00:00:00 - White golden like super bright star appears then moves behind clouds

Just after 5am ,but b4 5;30 am when it twlight started color- golden white -slightly yellowish after id been playng with this lighting storm in the area for slightly over 1hr this happened location=10022 winding ridge drive i just saw a spaceship moved at a sharp right tighter then 90 degree angle. how i know becaue i could feel it's energy for crying out loud thats why i looked up directly at it. it hovered for a moment then did a sharp arch turn planes do not look like a brihgt orb similar 2 a star but like 4x brighter then any in the sky. after it did the turn it whent behind the clouds i manifested that begin just above my streeth heading south covering the whole southern half of the sky. then i never saw it again but i know i was still around checking out my storm creation i told them that i loved them - there vibration felt similar 2 a sentient earth human but like not of this world felt such a strong deep connection that i've never felt with a off world being b4 ever. then thats the moment i knew i would have a personal either near face 2 face encounter extremly soon or something like this. or they'd finally give me a book / or something nice like that perhaps soon like i've been waiting a physical 1 although i know they have gifted earth with such things threw spirt mediums like myself also got super strong feeling something a being / and or drone watcher was on my street and or i was being remote viewed. heh no i am remote viewed again-‎7/‎24/‎201706:02:10 am i did not take a picture 1 because i didnt have my camera and 2 i didn't know these beings so i prefere to respect beings first until i get to know them further.

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Credit: MUFON

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