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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Yarnell, Arizona on 2017-07-02 19:31:00 - Took pictures of an old building my dad a nightmare of. entity in left window, zoom.

so, i have a picture, from multiple angles, of an old, run-down restaurant in a town called yarnell, az, usa. yarnell's basically a ghost town. think hill's have eye's.  15-18 years ago, my dad had a dream, that we purchased this old shop, fixed it up, and made it into a sandwich shop. then one night, a man killed all of us, and he woke up terrified. he had that dream twice, and it left such an impact, we all (wife, kids, including me) remember it to this day. he freaked us out telling it to us, and discussed it for an hour or so afterwards.  we were passing through yarnell after spending a day in prescott. dad drove up to the old shop, a little spooked, as were we all, as he reminisced on this nightmare of his. he asked me to take a photo of the old run-down store. i took two. one of the structure, which accurately depicts the light left at that time, and one of the sky, which made the structure go dark. my mother took one too.  mom told me, jokingly, to look into the window's and to tell her if there is anything creepy.  i am going crazy trying to edit them, and view them in different ways, to help me see the reality here, but in the end, i can't shake the conclusion that something is definitely there.  so, i am sending 7 images. 3 are pictures i took. 2 of which have an alien/ghost/freaky thing in them, one is an image i got a week later, to see if there was a weird, explainable reflection or something- there wasn’t. i then include three screenshots, plus an image from my mom’s phone. sun was setting, warm, few if any clouds, shot with samsung s7, besides one image, that was my mothers phone, and i don’t know what it is. 

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Credit: MUFON

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