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Friday, July 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Plymouth, Minnesota on 2017-07-07 03:56:00 - Being subject of multiple abductions, visiting on a ship and also being shown a different solar system i frequently see them aboveboard my home. was up to go to restroom, wthen j got up to go to bathroom - looked up at skylight and observe s object .

Going to bathroom at 3:56am when happened to look up through sky light. saw light/object on path very quickly flying north. what caught my eye was the sudden turn to the ne. this is the second one in two nights. i know immediately what they are. it then suddenly disappeared. i have had multiple abductions since i was a child. i can tell you about seeing more than 5 different entities on a huge ship. i was taken around the ship and shown many things by a tall hybrid female who very strangely looked like me. i am aware of when they will come and when they will take me. they have taken my husband and children. they have little recollection. i have had many that i remember. the one in charge of the ship i was on last, was nearly 9.1/2 at least ft. tall. white robe, very thin, long white hair and facial hair. he glowed & sparkled as if lit up from within. so being able to see them just happens. i have made a report to someone there. but nothing ever happened. i must tell you i will see them again and again, but have been allowed selected memories. i have much more details about the various abductions. they are getting ready for something big. told me that our government are dealing with a type of alien that cannot be trusted & are concerned for us as they have been watching over us (so to speak) since many, many many years ago. i see sightings often. it is almost as if i have a connection and i feel close to them.I tried a hypnotist but he wasn't very good.

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Credit: MUFON

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