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Friday, July 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Vandalia, Ohio on 2017-07-16 21:44:00 - Craft flew at high speed from w, turned ne, "stopped"above/in front of us. while in front of us, craft changed shape & direction many times.

Approx. 9:45 pm on 7.16.2017, my husband~who was on the back porch, began yelling my name ~ telling me to come outside now. after he yelled that the second time, i realized that he wanted me to see something~sounded upset/nervous/a bit panicked. our (adult) daughter and i went to the back porch, at which point my husband yells: "look up!!! what is that?!!!!" i remember saying (yelling) "oh my god ~ "whoa!!!". my daughter said something loudly/excitedly, but i don't remember what. the ufo was headed in the direction of our home from the west in a straight flight pattern. when it flew within close vicinity to us, it veered left (nne) and stopped. no sound were emitted from this ufo at any time. when it took the nne turn, i had to run to the back of our yard to see it because during that turn, a large, tall tree was blocking my view of it ~ same with our daughter. my husband remained seated in a chair on the patio. my daughter and i each had our cell phones and she began to take photos of the ufo. i watched the craft for approx. 5 minutes before taking photos. the colors surrounding the craft while looking at it with the naked eye were bright orangish/brownish/yellowish/whitish ~ "dancing colors ~ not still. as well as changing shape along with the ufo changing shape intermittently. the craft was boomerang shape, small oval shape, rod shaped ~ within a split second or eye blink, its shape changed, while remaining in the sky to the north of us, at about a 50 (?) degree angle. it felt as though the craft knew someone was watching and put on an extraordinary display of light, flight, trajectory, speed, etc. ~ and being flown / directed beings far in advance mentally of any human beings on earth. (as far as i know.) note: i witnessed an extremely large "oval/shaped" ufo up close many years ago while attending university, but that ufo was entirely different in shape, size, etc. seeing that craft at the age of 18, changed my "mind" forever ~ and have always known we're not alone, so i wasn't shocked by this latest craft sighting :). this ufo, seen/watched on july 16, 2017, was extraordinary, as well. the craft looked different through the cell phone camera than it did after the craft left and i finally looked at my photos of it. all of the colors witnessed with my eyes and through the cell phone camera were mostly gone. was very surprised at that! note: ( also ~ the battery on my cell phone, after taking tons of photos and a short video of the ufo, used zero battery!?!?) same thing happened with the photos our daughter took of the ufo ~ loss of color in her photos. at no time did i feel scared nor threatened by this ufo. quite the opposite ~ felt peaceful and in awe of someones so far in advance of humans. that's the same way i felt the first time seeing the extremely large and very close up ufo while attending university (that one was a sunny, in broad daylight sighting.) the ufo i sighted, along with my daughter, husband and our dog, moved at times gracefully. other times it moved erratically ~ flying back and forth or up and down. it was fascinating to watch and wish the ufo would've stayed much longer!!! the ufo left (disappeared) after remaining in the same general area in front of us for approx. 20 minutes. when the craft left, it did so in one blink of the eye. one second in sight, the next second, just not there - disappeared. i'm (we) remain thankful that we witnessed, what i believe, to have been a craft, flown by living beings, from another planet, galaxy or in my opinion ~ another universe. please excuse typos, etc. i'm still not used to these tiny keyboards! thank you, mufon, for your dedication of the extraordinary!!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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