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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Reedley, California on 2010-07-15 00:00:00 - Shadow beams

directed by jan harzan to submit. dear mufon, i decided to finally talk about the "shadow beams" after jan harzan said i should. i also decided because the first three occurances were in july/august 2010 and the 4th, which was the deciding instance happened in june 2017. after this 4th incident i was so curious i needed to tell someone. the first three occured west of reedley, ca off of manning ave at riverbend, smith and bethel ave's. all were northside of manning. the fourth incident was at olive and floyd west of fresno, ca. all occurances were exactly the same in all detail. as i drove east on manning i noticed a shadowy cloumn to my left which seemed out of place. as i got closer what came to my mind was a shadow, but from what. i stopped my truck on the south side of manning and got out my 30x80 bino's and started looking at it and it was visible and i looked up following the beam but could not see any object at any elevation that could cause such a shadow. it seemed odd because the sun was further to the west and could not be responsible. i walked along a fence line closer to it (50 ft) and since it was an open pasture i'd go through the bobwire. i walked right up to it, about 10 feet away. i didn't hear anything strange or feel anything. i kept looking at it and looked up but could not see anything except the shadow getting smaller as elevation increased. i was very puzzled. i even put my hand in it but nothing happened. i just stood there with great curiosity and it was making me crazy because i could not come up with a good explanation. i walked back to the fence and through it and then walked south to the road while i looked back at it a few times. i kept looking back at it while i crossed the road, got in my truck and headed towards reedley. the second and third sightings were basically the same. i saw it, got out to investigate and returned to my truck. the third time i had my camera and took about 7 minutes of video hoping that some manipulation of the video would reveal something but i was disapointed when after using several tools i could see nothing. i played with the contrast, brightness, sepia, negative and used several different color filters and could not get the shadows to show up. i figured this was more than just a shadow because i have taken much video and shadows do show up. this would not. my fourth sighting was basically the same but just a different area. i couldn't understand why i could never see any object that would be causing a shadow. kinda like when an aircraft flies over and you see the shadow moving along the ground or even an exclipse, there is a large patch of "shadow" on the earth from the moon. as i could tell with my high powered bino's, i could see at least up to 50,000 feet and more and i never viewed any object that could cause this unless it was in stealth mode. another strange thing is that when these sightings took place the sun was further to the west and could not be responsible. i wanted to share this because i am aware of natural phenomenon and this is nothing i've ever heard of. i always look to the sky, day and night because thats where the good stuff takes place and i've seen many odd unexplainable things but this i have no explanation. maybe someone else has seen something like this and may come forward thinking what they saw was just too weird to speak about. i know what i saw and i am of sane mind and soul. i'm crazier without an explanation. thanks mufon.....

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Credit: MUFON

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