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Friday, July 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-07-14 00:00:00 - Woke up with intense vibrating and couldn't move easily. felt entity beside me on the right. outside window.

1. in bed between 5-7am trying to sleep, unsuccessfully. 2. woke up feeling my bed and possibly room vibrating and a loud engine-humming noise from outside. to close and loud to be a vehicle or aircraft (human). 3. maybe a garbage truck or other city services but it still didn't seem right. 4. i woke up with the vibrations right next to me and outside the window, opened my eyes to this blueish light coming through my shutters and kind of quivering. my shutters were closed and i wasn't facing the widnows, i wasn't turning around. i didn't want them to see me. at the end of their time here, i was trying to get up to get my other house members, and it was really difficult and almost impossible to get up. everything felt pulled down like lead. as soon as my feet were touching the ground, they seemed to fly upwards and everything dissolved as fast as it had come. i had very strange and realistic dreams before this event occurred randomly, dreams i wouldn't usually have and classify as dreams. there were people and places involved in them i haven't seen or talked to in years. not sure how long it lasted for , feels like 10-20 minutes; and nothing in my house is unusual. 5. i wasn't so much scared for myself as i was for the people and animals around me; or civilization as a whole. which is a normal reaction for me. i got more uneasy the longer they stayed, felt like they were trying to find or figure out something, but its not clear what. after, i feel completely fine and no one else seems affected. 6. they left, went straight up and slightly forward.

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Credit: MUFON

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