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Monday, July 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 2016-06-08 15:00:00 - As an amateur meterologist, i was taking video of a cloud formation. once reviewed, i noticed an object moving as fast as lightning with an intelligent flight path that i cannot explain.

(215) 350-5843 i was taking routine video of a cloud structure in the sky , as i usually do to learn more about cloud formations & how they move through the sky. i've taken literally hundreds and hundreds of little videos like this, however, upon playback, i noticed a light anomaly appearing then disappearing in the blink of an eye. the anomaly was in view for less than 1 second. i didn't see this anomaly myself when taking the video, so i was intrigued & decided to slow the video down to investigate it frame-by-frame in order to try to identify what, if anything, this anomaly could be, or whether it was simply a lens flare or some other sort of photographic glitch from the camera itself. so i began the frame-by-frame review of the video. and what i saw both perplexed and astonished me. now, i need to preface this by saying that this object moves so fast that it takes less than 1 second for it to fly through my entire line of sight before disappearing fast out of camera shot, it's moving almost as fast as a lightning strike - humans can't travel with such speed. it is a clearly solid object that starts as a boomerang-shaped object. but as it moves through my video shot it seems to be changing shape from a boomerang shape into an orb-shaped object (although it could be an illusion due to the dramatic speed at which the object is traveling. when you stop the video to analyze its boomerang structure you can see it is mostly a white, reflective object with what appears to be a red stripe on its left side (to my left, at least. the object appears in the video from the top left corner of the shot, flies down then through ghe middle ground of the video, appearing right under the cloud forms i was filming, before twisting itself in mid-flight then blasting away from my location into the distance & out of my camera view. as someone that has been studying the sky for nearly 20 years, i have no explanation as to what this object is besides being a potential ufo - i was lucky to have even recognized the anomaly to begin with, as it moves so fast through the video that most people wouldn't have even recognized it was present in the video. fortunately for me, i've trained my eyes to detect things like this, but to the average eye (and to most people i've shown this video to), they have trouble noticing the anomaly at all until i slow the video down & show them myself - and once they do notice, people have freaked out about it. please review these videos to analyze what you believe this object is. to me, it's clearly a ufo moving so fast through the sky in clear daylight that nobody would even notice its presence..I urge you to slow down the video in order to analyze it frame-by-frame in order to determine its flight path, then cross-reference by watching the video in real time in order to determine its approximate speed... to me, its truly astounding. i've observed various potential ufos in the past, & even have some grainy video of them, but this is the most clear video evidence, at least for me, that ufos are a real phenonenon that are very active throughout our skies, if you can explain his, please let me know. and if you draw the same conclusion that i have, please let me know. i'm interested in what, if any, conclusions mufon can draw from this video. thanks. please get back to me, i look forward to further communications regarding this matter. josh gardnet

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Credit: MUFON

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