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Monday, July 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Youngstown, Ohio on 2012-08-31 21:30:00 - Observed light on the horizon, object changed into a dark transparent orb with patterns of triangles covering the surface and shifting in sequence.

August 31 2012 i remember because i was moving into a new apartment, at approximately 9:30 pm i pulled into the parking lot got out of the car and noticed out of the corner of my eye a light that caught my attrition to the direct south on the horizon. at this point the light had no shape but appeared odd because i couldn’t process what i was seeing, it looked like the thrust that you see coming out of a large rocket only if it was a rocket the thrust would be directed down towards the ground, what was odd about this light was the thrust appeared to be directed up towards the sky and so i stood there trying to figure out what it was. it appeared to be moving upwards towards space, the light changed the higher up it seemed to go, like turning down a flame to a camping lantern and continued to diminish in intensity growing smaller until it was no longer observable. i processed this as some kind of rocket or jet that just went so far up into the sky that it was no longer visible, i turned my head to the left looked to the east and took about 3 steps in the direction of my apartment still processing what i saw and again something in that same area of the sky out of my right peripheral vision. i stopped looked to the right, in the south the object appeared to change from a light to a transparent orb, at that moment my thought was it’s like a photo negative, it’s there, moving but i can see through it, then i thought that what i first saw was not moving towards space but rather moving from south to north and then becoming stealth. the object or orb traveled in the sky at approximately 500 feet between south ave and southern blvd. headed north. just north of youngstown is the youngstown airport with a military base. as the orb got closer to my location i could see detail on the surface, interlocking triangles shifting in sequence only i can see through it and it was moving with no sound, looking exactly like the icon of epcot in the epcot center at the walt disney world resort in bay lake, florida, near orlando. as the object moved to the north and away from me red lights like powerful leds started going off then stopped. i called 911 and reported it, about 30 minutes later a black unmarked helicopter with search lights was seen looking for something.

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Credit: MUFON

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