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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2012-07-01 17:30:00 - The object was following me as i was walking my dog.

I need to update my previous post, case #83906 posted on may 22, 2017. i spoke to a case worker, unfortunately i didn't write his name down when i spoke to him. i was unsure of the date of the occurrence until after i already spoke to him, i remembered that i posted a vague remark on my facebook page and was able to pull up the exact date of the occurrence which was july 1, 2012. there has been multiple sightings of ufo's with myself and both of my parents in the past, but this occurrence was the most significant to me personally because of the duration and the circumstance. just in case my case #83906 is not able to be pulled up i will describe the incident again. on july 1, 2012 at approximately 5:30 pm i was walking my dog. as we were heading back to my house walking in an eastward direction down w. harcourt st towards susana ave. i looked up and even though it was still light outside as the sun hadn't set yet, i noticed a bright dot in the sky, the appearance was that of a star. there was no defining marks or noise. it was extremely high in the sky, which is why it looked like a star. however, i had noticed that as i was walking towards the east, the object was following me. i took astronomy in school so i know that the sun rises on the east and sets in the west therefore the movement of the object was going against the orbit of the planet. i knew deep down what it was but i was still trying to logically think of other things first such as a very high plane, space station, etc. but it was none of those being that the faster i walked/jogged i noticed the object changed shape to get to the spot i was going towards quicker then it reverted back to its original round shape. i zig zagged, with my poor dog in tow, up and down the street just to figure it out and verify if it was really following me, it went everywhere i went. at one point i was at the corner of susana and harcourt, where i needed to cross the street to go home and stood at the corner and watched it, practically unblinking because a small airplane was going to be flying by it and i wanted to see what the object was going to do. just before the plane got close, the object completed disappeared. not as though it flew away, it disappeared as though, it was there then it was gone. i looked everywhere but didn't see it again until i was about 5 houses down from my house and i saw it again just hovering. as i got closer to my house, that's when i noticed that it was hovering directly over my house. it was still high up, looking like a star, but directly over my house. i was passing my next door neighbor's house, still watching the object closely when i noticed my dad walking out of our house to meet me and at that moment it disappeared again. we lost our dog a month later so i haven't gone on any walks since so i haven't had that experience again. when i do go outside, though not often because i'm disabled, i do look up but i haven't seen anything like that since.

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Credit: MUFON

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