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Saturday, July 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Scooterville, Georgia on 2017-07-23 18:30:00 - For about 3 weeks we have been seeing strange lights and objects near our home

This report is entered by the georgia state director at the request of the two reporting witnesses. text sent directly to the sd outside from cms, is used here; all that follows are *direct quotes with only minor editing: (reporting witness) for about 3 weeks we have been seeing strange lights and objects near our home. we haven't had chance to fill out the reporting form, but we are still seeing really strange things in sky at night. yesterday afternoon we believe we witnessed a type of port-hole or something. it was around 630 maybe 7 pm, we were coming into our driveway, the clouds were blowing east, and way up in the sky the clouds looked like a tornado spinning, and objects were coming out of the bottom. unfortunately neither of us had a phone at the time but soon as reached the house, we saw unusual clouds. well saturday night we decided to entertain the lights in sky, so me & cathy and my two sons give them something to watch, lol. at first there were only about 10 flying around, and my two sons put flashing lights on themselves; so did cathy, but i wrapped my entire body in christmas lights we and all had play light-sabers that were my son's lol. we danced around and had fights with the light-sabers, gave them one hell of a show. after about 20 mins the sky was full of these lights. for some reason mine and cathy's phones both say 'no more storage' and won't let us take pictures or videos. we even deleted many things to make room but still can't. last night we took a magnet and ran it over puncture places on my body & to our amazement each one has an object that will move with the magnet. (additional witness) i believe _____ has contacted you as well. we have (in the last few days) experienced the most interesting, terrifying, life-changing events i hope i will ever have. around the first of june we noticed a few stars weren't stars. they blinked, mostly red and green, and darted all over, or hovered, there were also translucent triangles, & big white lights. it gradually became a living scifi series that occurred nightly. at one point there was the most unusual thunder. we thought it was over but it's not. please help us; we have some video and many pictures. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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