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Friday, July 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on 1970-09-05 19:35:00 - Followed ufos on prairie. the large one landed in a field. we were taken, individually into the craft.

When i was 17 years old, i, my younger brother, and 2 friends were driving on a prairie road in the evening, headed to a party. i noticed a ball of light in the sky and convinced my friend "j", who was driving, to follow it. there appeared to be several other lights that were entering or leaving the main, larger light. then in a field with 3 sides surrounded by wind rows, the large craft landed. we pulled into the field and "j" turned off the car. suddenly, no one in the car could move. we were totally frozen, but at that instant i could mentally hear what the others in the car were thinking. i was sitting in the front passenger seat and my brother was sitting behind me. "j" was in the drivers seat and our other friend was sitting behind him. i noticed movement on "j"s side of the car, out of the corner of my eye. i managed to turn my head a small amount to see small grey aliens barely able to view high enough to look into "j"s window. they opened j's door and took him out and into the spacecraft. while he was gone i tried to move my body but could not. i did discover that if i totally relaxed i could move my hands. then i would get excited and try to move my whole body but i would freeze up again. finally, "j" returned to the car. he had a look of fear on his face that i have never seen in my entire life. when he reached the car he put his hands on the hood of the car as if to steady himself, before he got back into the driver's seat. i thought, now we can get out of here. wrong!!! next they took me. i remember as i walked across the field, that the field was freshly plowed and i was wearing black canvass runners and had to watch my step walking over the rough surface. but these aliens seemed to almost float over the rough field. i was thinking, this is great. we are the first people in history to meet aliens. i was actually excited and not scared. the aliens were reading my mind because they communicated to me telepathically that we were not the first, that they have been doing this for over 300 of our years. in the spacecraft they did some procedures on me but i do not remember all that they did. i do remember that i remained standing though out the ordeal. i thought about what my mother had once said, that if you knew what made flying saucers fly, it would make you rich. so i asked them, what makes this thing fly? they said that they could not tell me. i asked them, why? they said that they were going to make me forget everything that happened with them. so i said, so if you are going to make me forget, then why not tell me? there were two greys working with me and they said that they would have to ask their commander for permission to tell me. so they went over to their commander, who was a tall alien who looked similar to them but was about as tall as me, 6' tall. they asked him if they could tell me. he said that they could but not to tell me everything, and to make sure that i was made to forget this whole episode. the two little greys seemed almost excited to tell me. they said that their propulsion system uses magnetic repulsion. i said that my dad thought that magnetic repulsion could be made into a propulsion system, and i had a picture in my mind as to what my dad had explained to me. the aliens said, no. the magnetic repulsion must be redirected so that the reaction is cancelled out against itself. i did not really understand so i dropped it. then they took me back to the car and took out our friend who was sitting behind "j" and put me in his seat behind j. when our friend returned, they took out my brother and put our friend in the seat my brother was occupying. my brother was gone a long time, over 40 minutes. i started to worry that they would not bring him back to the car. i was thinking, what would i tell my mom and dad if they kept him. i loved him and i was seriously worried because it was taking so long. finally they brought him back and put him in the front passenger seat. they then told us we could go. j started the car and turned around on the field and got back onto the road and we headed back towards edmonton. as we were travelling up the gravel road the aliens were still speaking to us telepathically, saying, you will forget what just happened here. i could hear what the others in the car were thinking. they were thinking "i won't forget", but i was thinking "i will remember". i could tell that the others were starting to forget and as they did, i could no longer hear what they were thinking. but i could still hear the aliens and i kept saying, i will remember. i said that i was going to tell my parents and the police and the local radio and tv stations, and everyone at school. this entire conversation was telepathic. so then the aliens said, if you do not forget then we will make "j" turn the car around and we will keep your brother. i was initially shocked. they had obviously picked up on my fear of losing my brother and tried to use that against me. but i felt that they were bluffing and since i was now sitting right behind "j", i said that i would put a choke hold on him and make him either keep going or i would take over control of the car and take us home. so then they said that "okay, you can remember, but not until you are an old man". i made the mistake of asking, how old? it became a negotiation with them starting at 65 and me starting at two days. we settled at age 36. then suddenly i just forgot what had happened. someone in the car said, what were those white balls in the sky? then someone else (i think that it was the aliens planting this idea) said, it must have been ball lightning. that idea is crazy because it was a totally clear prairie evening without a cloud in the sky. when we arrived home we had no recollection of the party that we were supposed to attend, nor how we ended up in different seats from when we left. when i turned 36, that day, the alien encounter came flooding back to me, what had happened when i was 17. i phoned my brother and asked him what he remembered of the day when we saw ball lighting. he said that he remembered "j" pulling into the field and turning off the car. that was all he remembered. later, when i tried to bring up the topic with my brother, i could see the hairs stand up on his arms and he got very agitated and said that he did not want to talk about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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