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Monday, July 3, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Murray, Utah on 2017-07-01 23:21:00 - around 11:30 pm i woke up to my rf camera at that time there was a beam of light that shot down into my yard on top of my building shed down to the neighbors buildings there was an entity that was captured by the beam i have it all on video iaround

At 1134 11 pm. at night in salt lake city utah my camera woke me up because of intrusion in my yard i turned on the video on my ipad and my infrared camera was recording something i've never seen before it was a beam of light that was covering the entire area approximately 2 feet in diameter with other white balls just sending from the beam as i watched it and recorded the whole process the light captured some white form in front of my camera and held it in the beam this went on all night long you must see the video it's unbelievable in the trees approximately 40 feet away from my exterior deck there was a disc shaped object in the trees shown in the video and as it moved it move towards the north there were other lights in my yard you must understand my yard is over an acre in size very large but the other lights there was no reason they should be there it's like this object was hunting as it searched it grabs a hold of this energy thing as seen in the video and you could see it struggle in the light and pulled it into the light ,,this is however the first time i've ever recorded on video 4 1/2 hours long must pass this video onto them that are more knowledgeable about what this infrared light the camera i purchased is one of the highest grade designs on the market thank you for more information see above

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Credit: MUFON

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