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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Wichita, Kansas on 2017-07-18 16:00:00 - How to travel faster than light

This is not about a sighting. this is about how to build a craft that can travel faster than light. before going any further, this is not a human transport craft, but it can be used for probing purposes and resource retrieval. this understanding of physics can also be used to build a time machine that will bring us information back from the future. to start we are going to discuss a couple of everyday observations we all share and why they work as they do. the archimedes bouyancy principle tells us that if the overall density of an object is less than an environment, it will float above that environment. it explains why steel ships float, while unformed steel sinks. inside the ship there are tons of gas, but in comparison to the water below it is relatively nill. by spacing out the steel to lessen the structure's density, it floats. another familiar instance of this principle in use is a helium balloon. helium is 1/6th the density of earth's atmosphere and when trapped it offsets the weight of the shell and the earth's atmosphere closes around it and forces the balloon upward to seek equilibrium. this is how that applies to faster than light travel. we are all familiar with e=mc^2. the energy required to move mass through space at the speed of light is that mass times the speed of light squared. however, this interpretation is narrow, in that it is assuming all that is being moved through space is matter. there is a transportable form of pure energy that offsets matter. we are all familiar with vacuum. if you collapse a syringe, plug the front end pull back, you will feel an energetic resistance as the mass inside gets stretched across space. vacuum is an energy form that thins mass over space. with the proper valves, an atmosphere can be thinned thousands of times which will, like the steel ship and helium balloon, reduce the overall density of the object relative to its environment. for a mathematical representation of relative displacement we will use carbon fiber and earth's atmosphere. a capsule of carbon fiber weighing 24g can hold 1000cm^3 of atmosphere inside. earth's atmosphere density is .0012g/cm^3. this means the total weight inside the capsule is 1.2g. if you thin the environment 20 times, it will offset the weight of the capsule and cause lift. this can be applied in space and where you offset the density of the craft through vacuum valves across multiple membranes you will get mass readings that are alien to nature. we will be able to build stadium size objects that weigh less than an ounce. this will cause space to try to close around the object and propel it at superluminal speeds. i have several design ideas, to include powering the craft and navigation control, but understanding vacuum displacement is the key to understand how we can transport energy and mass across space. this principle can be applied across several sectors of industry. i am looking for investors to help sponsor revolutionary technologies that will change our world.

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Credit: MUFON

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