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Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Saint Albans, West Virginia on 2017-07-25 05:30:00 - Hovered for about 90 min., got excellent cell phone pic, triangular craft tethering object

Couldn't sleep, went out to front porch to drink coffee and smoke. saw large what i thought was a star, but 3 close together. took great pic on my cell phone. object in photo was triangular with a tether that was oblong, 2 other identical as on the tether sticking out from left side of craft. stationary for about 90 min., short burst of a contrail that didn't seem to affect its position. felt no fear, knew it wasn't anything i'd seen before. after seeing my pic i am in awe. found other sightings describing the exact object i saw, tether and all. it's exciting and i keep going back to cell pic. it's mesmerizing. still hard to wrap my mind around it. as the sun came up, i could no longer locate it in the sky. the pic you won't believe if i can get it to you. absolutely fantastic!. i can't find any pic on your site that shows any detail. i keep going back to it and there are no words in any language how i now feel. i'm glad others have seen it, but the picture, i'm dumbstruck and numb when i look at it. if it's ours it's the best kept secret. the pic is.That good.

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Credit: MUFON

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