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Friday, July 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Arnold, Maryland on 2017-07-21 05:40:00 - At above started time saw object in starless sky. single bright light moving south then stopped, disappeared after clouds passed over

I came outside for a smoke at about five foot am, it was still fairly dark out and there were neither stars not moon visible. i immediately spotted a single white light about the size and brightness of a star moving southish. i thought for a second it was a plane but, again, no running lights just a single white light, it was also moving too quickly and it was too bright to be a satellite of which i have seen many. as it moved behind the trees i ran from behind my house into the street out front to keep the object in view. by the time i reached the street it had stopped and it remained hovering there for about thirty or forty minutes. at first it was still bright and appeared to be below the clouds but eventually a cloud bank obscured it and when it cleared the object was gone. i didn't have a phone but luckily my sister works at night and pulled up just in time to bear witness although she didn't see it move and want willing to stand there till it did but she let me use her phone to snap some photos. i am familiar with mufon and was attempting to report the sighting when i lost track of it. during this time there were no other objects visible in the sky but minutes after a plane making contrails appeared in the same vicinity, not sure if that is relevant or not but i thought it might be noteworthy. i watch the skies every single night and this is the first unexplainable phenomena i have witnessed. i'll remain vigilant as long as i have to smoke outside

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Credit: MUFON

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