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Thursday, July 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ohio on 2017-07-25 22:12:00 - Quick, extremely close white glowing orb approx. 4-5" moving through air near streetlamp

I was on the same suburban street as my own home, actually walking north/northwest heading that walk along the sidewalk with my dog at my left side. a streetlamp about 20 feet away glowed as usual but my attention was drawn by some sort of movement around the lightposf and in the nearby air. i tried to focus on the light to see what it was, assuming a bird or a bat. and, because i already had my iphone on and ready to take photos because of a beautiful crescent moon that night, i aimed it at the streetlight and just clicked the shutter button as this figure continued to swoop and twirl and glide around the light, the lamppost, crossing above the sidewalk and eventually landing twice -- once on the grass to the left side of the sidewalk and a second time in the middle of the sidewalk no more than ten feet ahead of us in the direction we were walking. once the object moved a bit farther from the streetlight, i was able to distinguish its features; it appeared to me as a bright, glowing white orb-type of shape about the size of a softball. it was mostly round but occasionally while in flight extended a bit or had its edges grow slightly fuzzy, and it was opaque, solid and i could not see through it. as i tried to take photos of what i originally assumed was a bat or bird, thinking how lucky i was to be able to be that close to either at night, it was when i realized the object was itself glowing with a definite outline that i began wondering what i'd really seen. we had been walking toward the area where the object was, the streetlight was coming up to our right. and once we were about ten feet away, the object swooped down from a level about parallel with the lamp of the streetlight, crossing the sidewalk in front of us as it descended before landing for perhaps ten seconds in the grass at the left side of the sidewalk. then as i watched, it ascended again to approximately 6-7' above the ground, and in a quick pattern that was almost as if tracing a question mark (a slight loop to the right then a direct descent down), it slowed just before again reaching ground level, moving in a sort of pendulum-like motion side to side inches above the ground until it came to rest directly centered in the sidewalk in front of us. i stared at it thinking, ok wow, this is amazing. attempted to take a photo, watching it for about ten seconds standing very still with my dog also standing totally still to my left. then, it seemed to simply vanish. i saw this as a bright white glowing object. in the photos i did get of it, it appears green although no filters were set on my camera at the time. in the photos, the first in particular, all lights are blurred as i was taking them while walking with my dog. but, it's the only green light that is shown in any of the three photos.

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Credit: MUFON

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