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Saturday, July 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in North Plainfield, New Jersey on 2017-07-08 21:30:00 - Two red flashing lights - hovering then went up and down repeatedly back to hovering

First ufo - at 9:30pm on 07-08-17 fireworks started to go off near my apartment. my girlfriend and i went outside on our deck to watch. these fireworks were extremely close to our apartment (basically right across the street but on the other side of the block). i always skywatch and have only seen strange things or possible ufos twice before in the 15+ years i have been doing this. tonight would be the third time. as soon as we went outside i noticed a red light hovering in the sky. at this point it was about the size of a star but it was below the could cover. i pointed out the strangeness of the light to my girlfriend who immediately confirmed that she saw it too. i thought maybe it was a plane that was coming towards you because sometimes that can give off the appearance of hovering. right as i had this thought, the light brightened considerably and dived straight down and appeared right above the tree line. next, the red light shot straight up back to its original location in the sky. it repeated this behavior several times. then while it went back down towards the tree line it moved over to the left and then over to the right. after that the light went back to the original spot again. the red light then moved left in the sky. all of these movements were faster than planes move but did not leave streaks in the sky. the red light was solid for all these moves but now it began to blink about once per second. the light then began to move side to side, while blinking and did this for about a minute or two before moving left some more, then behind a large tree that blocked my clear view of it. through the leaves i saw the light stop and hover some more, still blinking. then the red light faded out and i was able to see a much smaller blue light in its place. the red light came back on. it did this two more times before moving left and out of sight completely. second ufo - about 30 seconds later we observed another red light in the sky, roughly around where the original one was. again this light was starlight sized except this one was blinking already and in between the blinks you could see the smaller blue light. this one dived straight down and climbed back up. this is where it hovered for the duration of the fireworks (about 4-5 minutes). as soon as the fireworks ended this second red light got brighter (about as bright as the first one did). it then moved left past the tree which blocked the view. i lost sight of it then but my girlfriend saw it shoot off at a high rate of speed leaving a streak in the sky. the whole encounter lasted about 10 minutes and the lights were over the western part of union county. it was really strange as this second light seemed to stop doing what it was doing to watch the fireworks and didn't resume until they ended.

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Credit: MUFON

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