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Saturday, July 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Decatur, Illinois on 1977-06-20 17:00:00 - Walking to car in parking lot ufo hovering above my left facing nw of me with rotating colored lights and windows in middle of craft

When walking out to my car in the apartment complex i lived in, going north, the ufo was already there hovering appox.50- 100ft in the air to my nw left as it caught my eye and you couldn't miss it. i stood still without saying a word, then heard another person in the parking lot stating they see it too, but i didn't bother with them, nor they with me...And i felt paralyzed watching this craft i have never, ever seen before in my life! it looked like a two story type disc with what appeared at the time to be dark windows in the middle of it...I did not see any beings or other...But the most peculiar thing was how quiet this craft was. it was a peaceful, uneventful early evening that i can recall (right before dark, no rain, typical summer eve!) in june of 1977, or possibly aug 1977..It happened the same year i went to germany for the first time which was in the fall of 1977. it's been sooo many years, but i remember it like yesterday! the second amazing thing was how it hovered..It didn't tilt, sway, or anything..It was so still!! then i noticed the rotating, colored lights underneath the aircraft going i believe clockwise. the craft was disc round, and a darkish gray but i'm not sure if it was 'metallic' this seemed to last approx. 5-10 min. just watching, listening for something, trying to figure out what i was seeing...I was not scared but completely in awe of what i was witnessing. i kept watching and never took my eyes away, and then it started to ascend very slowly and deliberately around 3-4 minutes into the sighting, and took off in a straight path to my south west. i watched until i could see no more..Back then i knew i didn't have a camera with me (there were no throw away type cameras or cells in this timeframe that i could afford)or i probably would have snapped a picture. when it was gone, i looked over at the parking lot and the person was gone...I don't remember when or how they left. i just remembered they were just as in awe as i was..We were like paralyzed watching it. i'm not sure but believe it was a male person that saw it too. i remember telling my parents and my husband at the time. those were the only people i revealed my sighting to. i then thought to call our local airport that is in the city, which i did, and reported the sighting. they told me on the phone that it was "probably some kind of advertising plane"...I've looked up all kinds of planes, and the only thing that has resembled what i saw i have never, ever seen since and i've seen a lot of aircraft over my 61 years of age! it was very recently i was reading a story about kelly cahill's 1993 abduction, and she described the aircraft of what seems to be what i saw!! out of all the stories i've read along the years, that one comes closest. why i have waited so long to tell my story? i'm not sure how to answer. i think i didn't want all the attention it might bring. i wanted to tell the story to others, but kept silent because i didn't want attention or thinking they might think i'm high on something or crazy. i just kind of went on with my life, but through the decades i always remember it. i do not like to be the center of attention...You can ask any of my family! i am just an unassuming sort of person i believe. but after i read that article, and have seen so many stories similar to mine, i thought i must tell it to help with your investigations and truth. over the years, i've thought to myself, well, i guess if there were aliens in the craft, they didn't want to choose me for anything, so i've kind of left it at that (lol:). but with all of the stories, research, and happenings in our world today, i feel an overwhelming responsibility to report what i saw that day. i have told my three sons also. i may have brought it up over the years to a few people, but don't remember or recall. i just hope this sighting may help in some small way. i would like to know if there are others in my hometown who saw it that year or that summer? thank you for allowing me to share my story. i will undergo a polygraph test or other such as regressed hypnosis...I am now retired and have nothing to lose telling my story after all these years!!! i don't feel that i've been affected negatively by what i saw..But have felt the need to tell those who are the the professionals and have studied ufo's. i am a christian and i believe i saw what i saw and it is the thruth!. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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