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Saturday, July 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Coquitlam, British Columbia on 2017-07-02 03:30:00 - A row of five very bright lights hovering above burke mountain coquitlam, b.C.

The night of july 2nd was fairly warm and our upstairs bedroom window left opened to let in some air. aroung 3:20 a.M., i head a thump noise coming from outside. having had a bear on our street looking for the garbage bins twice already that night, i thought this noise was the reappearance of this persistent bruin so i went to the window to look. fortunately, it turned out to be the closing car door of the newspaper guy making his early morning deliveries. from our bedroom window looking above my neighbour's house, something caught my eye. it was an extremely bright light over burke mountain. this light was way too big and bright to be a star or a planet. i looked at it for a few minutes and found it to be unmoving, just sitting there hovering. it was definitely in the sky and not on the mountain itself. i could see some stars in the sky as the night was fairly cloudless. it was not a plane, helicopter or drone, did not have any flashing lights. i see aircrafts all the time landing or taking off from yvr and this was definitely not anything of the sort. i stared at it for a few minutes then went to the bathroom and when i returned to the window, the light had not moved, it was still there. i thought of taking a picture or video with my phone but decided it would amount to nothing close to depicting what i was seeing. it was simply too far to take a good photo of it. i then took the binoculars and what i saw mystified me. with the binoculars, this light was not one but five round lights side by side in a row. the middle light was the largest and most powerful. next to it on each sides were two others also round but not as big and therefore not as powerful. they each emitted their own beam of light powerful enough to be radiating above, below and on each side of this row of lights. i stared at it for a few minutes more then around 3:45 a.M., as they simply continued to beam, went back to bed. it did not move but remained stationary the entire time i was looking through the binoculars. these lights reminded me of very bright stadium lights, giving off a powerful bright white light, meant to illuminate a large area. the lights were most definitely above the mountain, and not on it. i've lived in the area for many years and this was most definitely extremely odd and out of place. even if these lights had been on the mountain itself, there is nothing on that part of west burke mountain but trees. by the time i woke up at 7am, it was gone. i woke up my husband who had been sleeping downstairs, not wanting to deal with a hot bedroom. when i explained what i had seen, he casually replied that i had seen a ufo. later on that day, i told a neighbour what i had seen. he suggested that it could have been someone or something on quarrie road. but this was impossible. that road is on the east side of the mountain and these lights were most definitely on its west side and above the tree line, not on it. besides, who would have such powerful beams and use them in the middle of the night? why bring them there to shine down on the city below? from the way they were pointing, it looked like they were aimed at somewhere near surrey and the u.S. border. the whole time i watched these lights with my binoculars, i had a feeling that someone or something was watching. but what or who? what sort of technology could hover, and stationarily beam light on the ground in the middle of the night and for what reason so close to a major population centre like metro vancouver? who was behind these lights? something or someone certainly was. and they were to close for my comfort. this experience left me mystified, perplexed and most definitely questioning not so much what i saw but why were these powerful lights there, who were behind them and to what purpose? july 2nd was a sunday on a long holiday weekend, the day after canada day, immediately after the fireworks. it didn't make any sense at all. it's been a few days now and i still carry with me an unsettled and eerie feeling of what i saw that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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