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Friday, July 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Newcastle upon Tyne, England on 2016-07-15 14:00:00 - Unidentified flying objects found in a photograph i took last year.

I was travelling around northumberland by car, stopping to take photographs, on 15 july 2016. i am not familiar with the area and can only speculate as to the precise location. i believe i was somewhere south of wooler, on a minor road in a very sparsely populated area to the west of the a697. the photograph in question was - i believe - taken in a south westerly direction. it was taken at 2.00pm. i was just recently looking through the photographs i took on that day when i noticed something unusual in one of them. at first i thought it was something on the computer screen - it wasn't. then i thought, perhaps, it may have been something on the camera lense. so i looked at the photographs i took before and after this one and the same 'object/s' are not visible in any of them. i do not recall seeing anything unusual when i took the photograph. as such, all i have to go by is the photograph itself. i would like to stress that at the place where the photograph was taken there was quite a lot of flies, given that it was both the summer and next to a field of sheep. this being said, i took perhaps 30/40 other photographs at this exact location - there was great light and stunning clouds - and have not seen any similar phenomena in any of the other photographs. the fact that the largest of the 'objects' is out of focus suggests to me that whatever this 'object' is is close enough to the camera to be out of focus. but then if it is close to the camera - what is it? and having said this, the largest of the 'objects' doesn't look close to the camera when i look at the image as a whole. after studying the photograph in greater detail i've noticed several other - as yet unidentified - 'objects' that share the same basic form of the larger object: they look 'cicular' or 'ovular', reflect the light on one side with shadow on the other. i cannot explain them. i noticed that there are many dark spots in the image. some can be identified as birds, with feint but visible wings. one or two appear to have light reflecting on one side. there were some large flocks of dark birds in the area: ravens or crows of some kind. as an amatuer photographer i've taken many tens of thousands of photographs over the past decade. i don't recall seeing anything similar to what i've found in this image in any other photograph.

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Credit: MUFON

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