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Friday, July 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Jefferson, Georgia on 2017-07-04 22:15:00 - Red pusating orb spotted traveling from treeline to our south ascending to east then disapeared in cloud cover

My wife and children were outside watching fourth of july fireworks around 10 pm. i was inside on the phone. at 10:15 pm est my wife and children noticed a orb come out of the tree line to our direct south. the orb was giving off its own red and orange pulsating light (like a fire, but more red). my wife and kids did not think anything unusual at first, as the neighbors were lighting off fireworks (some of which were quite large). the orb continued on a path traveling directly toward us for a duration of a minute or two. at that point, my wife and kids started to seriously consider this "firework" may be a ufo. my wife sent my youngest son in to get me, he walked in and told me a ufo was outside and i needed to come out now. i was still in conversation on my cell but walked out to see. i walked outside and saw the orb, at first glance i thought "this is just a flare on a parachute".. i even said that to my wife. then i realized it wasnt a small flare, it was much larger. i believe it to be around 4-10 feet in diameter and at a distance of 300-400 feet away. the orb continued to nearly hover without moving for about thirty seconds. i rushed to get off the phone so that i could video it. i started to video the object within about a minute of getting outside. by that time, the orb had continued east and started to ascend. it then continued on a steeper path up and directly to our east. within another minute, it disappeared into the clouds. i regret i did not get off the phone faster. by the time i started filming the orb, it had moved away from its closest point to us (300 ft or so) to a distance of a half mile (approx)

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Credit: MUFON

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