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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Smoot, West Virginia on 2017-07-18 02:16:00 - Spotted flashing red lights in the sky hovering around the moon. the lights formed a triangle and then back to individual circles and continued flying around moon making humming noise.

We were driving on i-64 in smoot, west virginia around 2:15 in the morning on tuesday, july 18th, 2017. all of the sudden, we noticed the half crescent moon beginning to turn a bright red-orange color. we were the only cars on the road and the night felt eerily silent. then, a large smokey fog came out from the trees and onto the road, however, the night was perfectly clear before this. we then began to see multiple deer along side the road just standing there, not really moving. we saw at least 8 of them along the road standing alone. they were not standing together. we looked back up at the moon and saw a very large grey-black object covering the middle of it, but then it disappeared. about two minutes later, we began to see bright red flashing lights in the sky around the moon. the hovered around the moon for about 40 seconds and then flew away into the trees. they continued to pop up and flash. at this time, i got my phone out and started to record it. i rolled the window down and recorded it for almost a minute and then the lights/object disappeared again. i then put my phone down and stopped recording, and the second i did that the lights came back into the sky. so, whenever i pulled my phone back out to record again, the camera would not come up and my phone was frozen, and then when it finally did come up the camera would not focus in on anything, which it was not doing before. i still managed to keep recording as the lights flashed and the object flew around in the sky. it let off a small humming/buzzing sound, and it felt like we were in a haze. the air felt weird, and my mom and i began to feel very strange and confused. we were scared because we didn't know what it was, but we had a feeling it was something extra-terrestrial. the sighting took place for around 20 minutes and followed us from smoot, west virginia all the way to caldwell, west virginia. the object finally disappeared after we got off the caldwell exit. when we got home around 2:40, the sky was foggy, but the stars were very bright, and my mom and i both felt scared, queasy, and nauseous. i got sick in the morning, and we still feel this way about 14 hours later.

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Credit: MUFON

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