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Friday, July 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Raleigh, North Carolina on 2017-07-13 22:47:00 - Weird flying saucer shaped orbs hovering off coast of emerald isle nc

My family and family friends and i were sitting on our decks looking out the ocean when we notice a glowing spaceship shaped row of lights hovering above the ocean in front of us. another set of lights appeared out of nowhere and the tow sets of lights looked like two different objects hovering close to eachother. after awhile they dissapear and later on reappear further down left from us, closer to the peir yet look about the same distanc eaway as they were before. it usually starts of withe one set of lights then another set appears but this time after the second set dissapears again one set of light disconnects and start hovering one alittle far above the other one. the one on the bottom seems to fall into the ocean and the other one dissapears again. when they show up later me and 3 pthers drive to the peir and walk to the end of it where many are fishing and ask some people what they thought of what we saw and said it was probably a barge ship, even after we explained how far above they were flying of the ocean and how the lights dissapeared and reappeared in completely different spots. the lights then reappear and they seem just as far away from the peir as they did from our house. some people look but most don't pay much attention to the odd hovering, disappearing lights and keep fishing. after they dissapear again we go home and found out its common to see mysterious glowing lights and orbs in the sky in emerald isle nc, which seems odd because there's loud jets that fly by often i'm guessing from a government base nearby so maybe these lights are associated with the government?? not sure but weirdest tging ive ever seen especially since some people on the peir acted like they were nothing yet they had no clue what they were, most of them were saying they were boats even though they were clearly far above the horizom. also they showed up terrible in pictures, they looked alot bigger in person.

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Credit: MUFON

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