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Saturday, July 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 2013-10-27 20:00:00 - 5 craft circled the pdx airport area what caught my eye was they weren't like any airframe we have

I was traveling west on ne prescott heading to my church leaders home. i was driving and i noticed 5 craft circlong the sky above me. they would be blinking but they had lights that look like they dangled down like jellyfish. i was a electronic warfare tech.And i had to be able to identify all,platforms by silhouette.I new the minute i saw them that they were not anything we have in our military arsenal. so i began video recording them. then what they did next really blew me away.They began dropping what looked like little silver hooks and they would stick in, one spot of the sky and have been in the same spot every night since then.I was told that your organization was looking for me because someone who didn't have a camera but is an a#rtist who drew exactly what i video taped. i have been following them every night. the activity had been increasing. i have had my life change ever since i posted on the internet. they blink and move from one position in the sky to another by the blink of an eye. once i slowed the video down to. 25 speed and omg then everything shows up.

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Credit: MUFON

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