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Sunday, July 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort McMurray, Alberta on 2016-11-12 05:30:00 - brief observation of high-speed unidentified aerial object above fort mcmurra

The time was approximately 5:30 am. the date was approximately november 12th, 2016. i seem to recall having trouble sleeping that morning, so i stepped out onto the back deck to check the weather and have a cigarette. the deck of the house provides a view of the nw, north and ne areas of the sky. it is a residential neighbourhood so a view of the stars is somewhat obstructed by other houses and some light pollution. i recall the air feeling a bit crispy but warmer than usual that time of year. i feel it may have been just above freezing. the sky was relatively clear and stars easily seen. i was looking at the sky to judge cloud cover and look at the stars. when looking north i noticed movement to my right, in my peripheral. i looked towards the nw and saw a faint object moving in a straight line approximately 35° above horizon, more or less parallel to the horizon. i focused on the object about 40° to the right of north and visual contact was only made for approximately 30° of the sky. i lost sight of the object before it was in the east. it was very faint and, i believe, i lost visual contact with it because of light pollution and houses blocking my view. the object itself had a slight whitish/ grey glow. it was a dull slight glow with no bright intensity whatsoever. lengthwise, it was about half the width of my fingernail held out at arms length. it was shaped like a grain of rice on its side. what i remember most is the speed at which it travelled with no typical "shooting star" characteristics. visual contact was 1-1.5 seconds. i thought it may have been a meteorite or a piece of space junk. i did notice it moved as rapidly as meteorites i've seen in the past, but with no intense glow, tail or other similarities. i delayed in reporting because i felt that, if it was a legitimate sighting, it was not significant. however, i eventually did report it because who is to say that any testimonial to this phenomena is not significant!

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Credit: MUFON

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